#2520 | Saturday, September 14th 2002
Hello, I'm Laura from holland and I just wanna say that everyone in Rotterdam feels sorry for what happend september eleven 2001. We will support you in every possible way. Just believe in God and we will get the bastard We hope that he gets the chair!!! Our Love for everyone who was in NY at the time and who lost a special person

Greets from Rotterdam

Laura | 16 | Netherlands

#2517 | Saturday, September 14th 2002
September 11 2001 is a day that forever changed our world. It is a day that put wholes in the sky and in our hearts. My heart goes out to the lost. God bless America!!!
Danielle | 16 | Michigan

#2490 | Friday, September 13th 2002
I will always remember where I was September 11th. I was sitting in my Science class at school when a teacher came running in, shouting for us to turn on the news. She ran straight out of the room as soon as she had made sure the TV was on. We sat all day long watching it as we moved from class to class. At lunch I ran into my best friend, who had told me the day before that her dad was going to the Pentagon the next day (on September 11th). She hadn't heard what was going on yet. When I told her the Pentagon had been hit, her eyes got real wide and she ran for the office to call her house. Her dad answered the phone-he hadn't been at the Pentagon when it was hit: he had been on a plane about to take off for home and they made the plane stop and everone get off and go home on a bus (I live about 4 hours from D.C.). She and I started crying with relief to learn that he was ok. The whole time I kept thinking about the school shootings at Columbine High School in Colorado. At the time then I had lived 50 miles away from there, and what happened on Spetember 11th, what I did at school and how I reacted was the same. Then just 2 days ago on September 11, 2002, our school had an assembly. I cried and cried. I will never, ever forget this. I saved the newspaper from the next day. It sits in my time capsule to be opened in 19 years, to remind me of what happened. But I will need no reminder.
Tiffany | 16 | West Virginia

#2451 | Thursday, September 12th 2002
I was upstairs in my bedroom with my best friend. we were getting ready to go to a concert in London so we had the CD on of the band we were going to see.
We went downstairs to leave, and there it was on the TV, the images that haunt the minds of almost everyone that saw them. All I could do was stare at the TV. I felt so guilty that I had been upstairs laughing, joking, singing and acting like a kid while all this was going on. I couldnt beleive what was happening.
we went to London and all i could think about on the way there was "I wonder whats happening now". We had no access to information on the train.
We got to London and we found out that our concert may be cancelled because there had been a threat that a plane was going to be flown into Canary Wharf. I didnt care about the concert though. It wasnt cancelled but I didnt enjoy it at all, i just wanted to get home and see what was happening.
The best qoute I have heard is "stand facing the sun, and the shadows will fall behind you".
God Bless America

Emma | 16 | United Kingdom

#2449 | Thursday, September 12th 2002
I was at school in 2nd hour. I don't even remember how we got word of it. My teacher had this little black and white T.V. My entire class was surrounded around it. At first I didn't understand. It seemed like something out of a movie,but it still didn't hit me yet. It didn't hit me until 3rd hour when we didnt have to do any work, and my teacher was tryin to get on the internet and evey server was busy. We didnt have a T.V. in there so we only heard what the other teachers were saying. After that day i was real scared. I heard rumors saying that Louisiana was the next one they were going to hit (which is where I live). I didn't even want to go to school the next day, but I did. First hour, when the announcements were supposed to come on, we just had a moment of silence. Everyone was so upset!
Doesn't even seem like it's been a whole year. I think it made America think about a lot of things, and made them realize just how much they take forgranted. I don't think having another war would be the solution, but I'm sure our president is doing everything he can, the best way he can!

Sara | 16 | Louisiana

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