#2507 | Friday, September 13th 2002
I was at the computer when my sister called. She said "Turn on the TV". I told her I would in a second - I was sending a time-sensative online registration for my boyfriend who was in Lucerne at the time. My sister called back and sounded so urgent that I immediately switched on the television and could not believe my eyes. We stayed on the phone with each other, becoming progressively more alarmed as each crash occurred. I heard that buildings downtown were being evacuated so I piled our two violins in the car and drove to the freeway. The roads were jammed and I was petrified a plane would hit right where I was wedged in traffic. Finally I reached my sister's house in the suburbs. She ran out of the house as I pulled up and we hugged in the driveway. I was incredibly worried about my boyfriend flying back home. It was terrible to be apart at such a time. I cried every day until about mid-December. Now it is a year later and my boyfriend (now husband) is in Lucerne again. Watching the replays on TV, it feels like one excruciatingly long day.
Barbara | 35 | Illinois

#2485 | Friday, September 13th 2002
On that september morning I was just coming home from the doing the school crossing guard job that I do and I missed the first reports of the news of the first tower being hit and I had just turned on the Television and was flipping through the channels and settled on watching Regis and Kelly That was at 9:02 am. I then watched the second plane plow into the second tower. I was shocked, and stunned then I sat with my husband and watch as the towers collapsed. I cried, and then a reporter said that the Pentagon was hit. My thoughts were "My God they are declaring war on the United States." Then the reports of United flight 93 went down in western Pennsylvania, I thought that they were heading for the FBI training center in West Virginia well in later reports I found out that it possibly was going to try to take out the capitol building. I also found out later that flight 93 flew over my area on its way to carry out the deed well I was really scared to think that it could have been in my backyard that the plane would have crashed. For eight days I was numb just functioning on auto pilot to get through the day. When I really started to feel anything again was at the memeroial services, for all those who were lost on that terrible day. I still see the saddeness in the eyes of those people, at the services when I sometimes reflect back to that day.
Ruth | 35 | Pennsylvania

#2457 | Thursday, September 12th 2002
I had just woke up after flying back from Seattle, WA., the evening before. My father had passed on Aug. 22nd and I spent just over a week with my mother to make sure she’d be ok.
I don't usually turn on the TV in the morning, but something compelled me to this day. I changed to the Network stations and heared that something had hit the World Trade Center.
As I began to get caught up on the details, I saw the second plane look as if it were flying in the distance near the WTC. To my disbelief it crashed right into it.
All I could think about was there would be some moms & Dads that wouldn't be going home that night.
I had a bad feeling in my stomach and tears going down my face.
I have always had respect for life, but this put even more light on it because I had an unborn child that was two months from birth. I thought, "That could have been myself or family on one of the planes, or working in the WTC."
The other fact that will always have significance is that my wedding anniversary is on this day. Had I decided to leave the same day as this event, I would have unable to come home when the airports were shutdown.

I would like the world to know that this type of hate has less to do with religion or culture (Islam) as it does people being educated on the facts. It also does not help to follow a person or ideal and not question that which seems not to fit ideals or equate to our "common sense."
I hope this ordeal has gone a long way to change the thoughts and actions of even our homegrown Militia groups.

We have the capacity to forgive, but should never forget.

Gary | 35 | Alabama

#2425 | Thursday, September 12th 2002
I was at work when the phone rang. It was my mother who was at home watching the news and she said...an airliner just hit the WTC. I said, an accident? She said they didn't know yet. As we were on the phone, the other airliner hit and all she could say was oh my God.....oh my God. We stayed on the phone and then she said there was news about an airliner that had crashed in PA....she said that couldn't be related..could it? I said they had better watch Washington DC and she said surely Washington wouldn't let anything into their airspace. And then the Pentagon was hit. I will never forget the images on TV...the horror...staring at it in disbelief. It seemed like a movie instead of real life. I didn't know anyone in the towers or at the other two sites...but I know of people who were directly affected by knowing someone. It wil never be forgotten. And I pray each day for America and the President. God be with us all.
Karen | 35 | North Carolina

#2397 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I remember the day very well. I was assistant to the general manager at the local paper and was conversing with a colleague of mine when the first call came in. I remember the words like it was yesterday: "Oh my God ... you've got to get to a TV. Someone just flew a plane into the World Trade Center." Moments later, I heard the words: "Oh my God ... Oh No! They just flew a second plane into the World Trade Center."
My general manager, who was at the time a volunteer firefighter, called the office to give us the sad news that we had already heard. We were on deadline for the next day's edition of the paper. What a sad day it was.
I suddenly found myself alone and scared. "This didn't happen," I told myself. But it did.
Between 8:46 a.m., and the time the last tower fell, I felt very alone. I didn't know anyone at the World Trade Center, but I felt incredibly helpless.
My name is Rianna, and on September 11, 2001, I was sitting in my office at the local newspaper. I couldn't believe what was happening.

Rianna | 35 | Florida

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