#2336 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was at work at JB Hunt in northwest Arkansas. Hunt is like the second biggest trucking firm in the U.S. I had just gone into the break room for a soda and saw where the first tower had been hit and I said what a moron, it had to have been an accident, then as I was watching the second plane hit and I just went numb and thought oh, my God we're going to war my son is going to war. (He is in his early twenties)
The rest of the morning we all just wandered back and forth from our desks to the break room, you'd work till you had to see what was happening, then you'd watch till you couldn't stand it anymore. I saw the first tower collapse.
Later that morning someone said they heard on the radio that the police had captured a car load of Arabic people near Fort Smith and we realized that we could be targets also, because if they were trying to cripple the U.S. they'd go for transportation also, and also the Wal-Mart headquarters are right here and that would screw up commerce and some of the people went home.
My job was to call companies that had worked on our trucks to get invoices of the repairs for warranty, and I would be talking to people within sight of the towers and right in the middle of hell have to ask for something as meaningless as an invoice. I talked to a woman in Pennsylvania who was six miles from where the plane went down. We were crying together, realizing it could have hit her, and again my job was to ask for a piece of paper.
I have since quit my job, partly because of the attacks. I have PTSD from a lot of earlier unrelated trauma and this just brought it all back. We were under heavy security for a few months and everybody was walking around on pins and needles. The worst part was the stupid people, the ones who made jokes about it all, about how we could be next. I couldn't take the stress.
But I have learned in the past year to be grateful for every moment, to tell the people close to me thank you for caring, for being my friend. I have joined a PTSD support group. It helps.
I still worry that my son will have to go, he is talking of enlisting, it just breaks my heart and yet I am proud of him. His worthless father went to Mexico to avoid Vietnam. He is choosing to serve rather than run. Good boy/man.

Linda | 43 | Missouri

#2077 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was working in a Retirement home for the Eldelry, while getting thier 7:40am Breakfast ready the Report showed on our TV in the Living room ajourning the Dining Room. We could not Believe what was happening. Most of the Residents are in thier late 80's or 90's.
It was a hard Day for us and not one person dared to leave the room.
I was upset they had to see this.
But they chose to watch. I feared for
my own Family even though I knew they were safe.
God Bless one and all
Lisa R. Cyr
maine Usa
fell free to e-mail anytime

Lisa | 43 | Maine

#2037 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I remember my mum came to visit me that fateful day (is it really a year ago already?). I just could not believe what I was seeing - I feel the USA is like a second home to me, I've visited many times and want to return in future. Until then, my love and prayers go out to you all out there....let's hope nothing like that will ever be allowed to happen again and that Bush and Blair know what they're doing. Jane, Shoreham by Sea, England (Janeshoreham@yahoo.co.uk).
Jane | 43 | United Kingdom

#1798 | Monday, September 9th 2002
That morning is forever etched in my mind and soul. I was ready to turn the news off, my hand was on the control when a special report came on. I hesitated then decided to see what it was. I could not believe what I was seeing. I stood there..rooted in front of the tv with my hand on my throat and watched as the towers fell. As the plane crashed. As the news media people struggled to tell us what was happening.
The tears came from my eyes so heavily and so fast I had to blink several times before I could see again. When I finally realized what they were saying was that we had been attacked, my thoughts flew to my daughter in the Navy. Even tho I knew I wouldnt be able to get thru to her, I tried calling her anyway over and over again, all the while praying like I had never in my life had done before. Where was she? Was she alright? So many horrible, awful thoughts went thru my mind during the next hours.
I couldnt turn the tv off, I was afraid to. And yet, I was afraid to leave it on too.
I kept trying to get my daughter on the phone but with no luck. No calls were allowed into the base and only official calls were going out. I knew this, but it did nothing to ease my fears.
I called my mother and together, we cried as we watched the devastation happening.
I told her about my terror for her grand-daughter and she tried to calm me as best she could. We cried together for hours that day. I finally heard from my precious daughter 48 hours later when they were finally allowed to make a quick phone call.
I have not watched tv alone since that day. And I will not watch the news anymore. I get my information online, where I can choose to see the vid clips or not. I can still see the flames and smoke from New York City. I can still hear the cracking voices from the news reporters. My heart still skips several beats when I think of that awful day in our history.

Kathy | 43 | United States

#1670 | Thursday, September 5th 2002
I live in Canada, but my son was born in Michigan on September 11th, 1999. I sat here in horror watching CNN as the second plane hit while he was opening his presents.

May God bring a more peaceful birthday and peace to all of us this year.

Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada

Fay | 43 | Canada

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