#2444 | Thursday, September 12th 2002
What started out to be a normal day, ended in confusion, grief, and anger. I was a housekeeper in a local hotel that day. As I was cleaning a room, I heard a guest next door loudly exclaim that " that isn't an accident, that was on purpose." . So I turned on the tv in the room I was cleaning, just as the second plane hit. That day was a blurr after that . I remember going to the lounge where we took our breaks. Everyone was watching. Then all the guests we had started leaving. It was understandable, as alot of them were government employees. In a matter of a few hours, our 106 room hotel was empty, or just about.Just a few guests, and the employees of the hotel were left. We couldn't stop our work, and had to continue. That day seemed to last forever. It truly is a day I'll neverforget. I kept thinking about my family. About where my husband was. What was going to happen next. Would there be more? When I got home, all I could do was watch the news, and cling to my husband. I called my family to tell them how much I loved them. After all that happened that day, I never shed a tear.I couldn"t understand that. I guess I never will. But now... One year later...I again was glued to the tv. As I watched the service in New York, and Heard the Pipers play "Amazing Grace" before going into the pit, I started to cry. I cried for all those innocent lives taken from their families. For the brave souls who thoughtlessly gave up their lives to save someone they didn't even know. For the courage of the families, who must deal with this horrendous loss the rest of their lives.Our world is now forever changed. I pray that the world as a whole learns something from this. That one day, soon,we won't have to worry about opening our mail, or flying to another city. That the world will not tolerate such cowardly acts, and will take the steps necessary to obliterate those who perpitrate them. To all the families of those who were taken that day,May God Bless you and bring you Peace.
Lugene | 46 | West Virginia

#2296 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was at work. My boss was in a meeting. I got a call from the main office asking me did I hear what happened that a plane hit a building in NY. I said no and hung up. They called again shortly thereafter and said that a plane hit the second tower. I then turned on the radio and listened as the disaster was occuring. I typed a note in arial black, bold, size 48, landscape that read: "Terorist attack; plane hits tower one; plane hits tower two; plane hits Pentagon; towers collapse; plane crashed in Penn" and when into the office where the meeting was and taped the note to the wall. I could hear my boss saying, as I was leaving, "what does that say?" The meeting ended at this point and everyone gathered around the radio and listened. Even though I didn't know anyone that worked in the Twin Towers, worked at the Pentagon or anyone who was on United Airlines Flight 93 my heart and love goes out to all of the victims and their families. May God Bless America
Fedora | 46 | New Jersey

#2055 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was at home working on the computer and a friend called me. I remember thinking that this is impossible! How could this happen to our beautiful country and its' beautiful people. The first thing I did was to embrace those around me, my friends and my family and give thanks for them, and then came days upon days of grief and sorrow for the poor souls we lost and the heroes that tried to save them and lost their own lives in the process. Then came the pride I felt as our nation came together in the following days and grew stronger. God has truly blessed us in our time of need and we will overcome the tragedy but will never forget and will forever honor the brave souls that gave their lives for our country and for their fellow human beings.
Diana | 46 | Ohio

#2018 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I had just woken up and turned on the television on that fatefull morning. Because I am deaf, I rely on closed captions to understand what is happening on the television screen. There were NO captions on the channel I had turned on and at first I did not realize what was going on. I quickly switched to another channel that had closed captions and was horrified at what I saw. While Matt Lauer of the Today show was reporting what had happened earlier, a second plane was spotted and I saw it crash into the second tower. What a horrifying sight!! I was in shock...To this day, I cannot watch a song being sung related to America without a tear trickling down my cheek..I was also very afraid because my 18 year old daughter had signed up for enlistment in the Army Reserves in June and was scheduled to report for her basic training at the end of September..we flew out to visit her before her departure, and it was very difficult for me to let her go...at the same time, I was very proud of her for wanting to defend our wonderful country.
Jeanne | 46 | Maryland

#1799 | Monday, September 9th 2002
I was sitting at my computer making up games for my daycare children when it came over the news. I was in shock as was the rest of the world. I sat and prayed holding on to my children. I prayed for those who were lost, and for those families who lost loved ones. I prayed that they would be able to save more and that those trying to save would be safe. I cried over the loss and I tried to explain it all to those children who could understand. We took up a collection for the NYFD and Salvation Army to assist the families.
The children are all going to wear red, white and blue on 9-11 to show their support. Gods Be to all.

Deb | 46 | Michigan

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