#978 | Tuesday, March 12th 2002
On September 11, 2001 I was in Honolulu, Hawaii. My husband and I come to Hawaii as often as we can for rest and relaxtion. On that morning when I got up the TV was on which was highly unusual. I ask my husband if something had happened and he said I had to see for myself. When I came into the main cabin (we live on a boat in Hawaii) I could not believe my eyes. They were replaying over and over the planes crashing into the Twin Towers. It was so totally surreal and unbelievable. I have never felt so far away from my own family and friends on the mainland. It was almost impossible to take it all in and have any kind of understanding why someone would do such a thing. On that day I realized that I took for granted in many ways living in and being an American. I do not believe that will ever be possible to do again. This is our Pearl Harbor and we should never forget those whose lives were cut short and those who have to go on without them. We should always stand tall and be proud to be AMERICANS!
Edwina | 61 | California

#864 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
My 22 year old grandson told me what happend. I watched tv over and over and couldn't take it in. My niece had to tell me over and over what I had heard and seen for myself on the tv. I just could not process it. It took over a week before I could actually take in the enormity of the tragedy. I am on the west coast. I could not and will not ever want to see ground zero. I do not want to see photos nor hear the stories of the people who were lost.
Marianne | 61 | California

#860 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
I left my home for work about 5:15 A.M. early the morning of September 11, 2001 for the 1-1/2 hr drive. I listen to an all news/traffic station in the morning and when the announcement was made, I thought it was a horrible accident, but as things developed, my mind wouldn't accept the fact that this was not an accident, it was deliberate. I am a Reservation Sales Associate and work for Amtrak. Our call center covers the entire nation and my job is to make train reservations. I talked to people all over the country who were stranded and trying to get home. The overall demenor was one of sorrow and shock, people were tearful and there were a lot of "God Bless Us" phrases. The train system was the only form of public transportation available during that horrible period, and I talked to a young couple in Florida that was trying to get back to Philadelphia, they had gone for an extended weekend, and their child was with a babysitter, they were frantic. I talked to a businessman in Seattle trying to get back home to Boston and the businessman in Boston trying to get back home to Seattle. There were adults trying to get to elderly parents and students trying to get home. I talked to men in the Military trying to get home/or to their base, they sounded so very young and I thought they sounded scared, but it was probably me. However, everyone I talked to was very calm and very patient (we were so swamped, and had no train space), they all were amazing. I cried with the woman in San Louis Obispo who had a sister working at the World Trade Center she hadn't heard from and she couldn't get thru to. I saw my coworkers crying with other passengers they were speaking to. After a week I was unable to go to work and took off three days, but then sat in front of the TV watching all the news channels, trying to get some answers as to what kind of god wants you to kill in order to get to heaven??? I never found an answer, and I never will. The American people are strong, and we will be much stronger in the years to come. I now tell people that I love them and care about them, this made me realize how quickly I may lose that chance. GOD BLESS AMERICA.
Jeannie | 61 | California

#500 | Tuesday, December 18th 2001
I was home doing day-care for several children and I couldn't help but feel like they all needed protection and it was up to me to provide it. My family has been having a pretty bad year. My son Dave was diagnosed with colon cancer and he's only 38. But, I couldn't help but feel that at least we have a pretty good chance for him to survive, those precious people didn't have that chance. I can't imagine what the holiday season is going to be for them. I also couldn't help but feel so proud of the men who thwarted the 4th attempt on whatever their destination was supposed to be. My patriotism has always been high, but it has reached new heights since Sept. 11. My prayers are there for the victims and their families. God Bless all of them and all of us.
Mary | 61 | United States

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