#2428 | Thursday, September 12th 2002
Sitting having a drink on my holiday balcony in Tenerife.
The person on the next balcony shouted to me what had happened.
We hired a T.V.and were glued to CNN News for hours,quite frankly not believing what we were seeing.It was like watching a film.
Our elder son had been in N.Y. a week previous from Scotland and he had shown us photo`s of the Towers.

Alastair | 62 | United Kingdom

#505 | Tuesday, December 18th 2001
On September 11, 2001 I was with fifteen other people rafting down the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River. When we came out on the morning of September 13 and we were told of the events in New York and Washington, D.C. we were very skeptical and confused by what had been told.

We were still quite far from the bus and were taken there by jet boat. During this ride almost everyone was silent. Once we arrived at the bus we were given copies of various newspapers. After reading the accounts of the horrible and cowardly events I, for one, began to cry, as did some others in our party.

During the bus ride back to Las Vegas everyone poured over the newspapers and read with mouths agape some sobbing in disbelief myself included.

Tom | 62 | California

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