#2095 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was in Lienz/Austria, sitting in the library surfing the WWW. A woman came in and asked us if we´ve heard about the WTC.
I changed to a several news-pages. First we thought it was an accident. Not knowing the WTC we didn´t realise the dimensions of these pictures. After the second crash we knew: This was terror.
Later all newspages were busy - the www nearly broke down for several hours. It was about 1700 MEST (1100 NY).

I had to work from 1800 to 2100 as a driving teacher, then I went back to the office-computer and turned on the radio. I studied the reports and the comments on the www until 2 a.m.
There were many comments about Nostradamus and his prophecies. I was afraid that WW III was about to begin.

I wrote a short email to the white house and asked them to keep cool and not to lead the world into a new war, hoping that many people wanting the same were loud enough to be heard by the US-President.

Then I took my car and rode the 450 km (aprox. 320 mi.) to my girlfried in vienna.
On my way I called the greatest austrian radio station, they had a special program where everybody could tell his/her thoughts.

In september 2001 there was a big discussion about buying fighting planes for the austrian army - the discussion stopped for a few months, yesterday the austrian government broke because of this theme (and some other themes.)

I was often thinking about other buildings breaking down, killing people, leaving widows and parentless children.

Buildings, hit by bombs of allied bombers.

Nobody in the world cares!!!!

God bless america!
God bless the mankind!

May the peoples of the world be clever enough to protect each other, not to kill other innocent.

Roland | 28 | Austria

#1874 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002

On september 11th I was at home. I was surfing through the channels and suddenly I saw the first plane crashing into the first Tower. It was horrible. Then I got an sms from a friend. He also thought that it was really awful. I hope that will never happen again!!!!

On this afternoon I was at my friend´s home. We where in the kitchen when her brother came in. He put a newspaper on the table and muttered: "Page 13 something awful happened!" We opened it and we saw a picture: a plane was crashing into a tower and another picture: the tower was broken into.When I was coming home my mother and my younger brother were watching the news. I watched with them and I was so scared.
I hope all the people will rest in PEACE!!!!! and that never will happen again!!!!!!!!!

Lena&Hannah | 14 | Austria

#1872 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
On September 11th, I was just home from school and doing my Homework, when my Sister came into my room, looking shocked, and saying, come with me and have a look at this!!!!
I thought: Oh no, what the hell is going on?
But then , when I saw the Pictures on TV, I was shocked too. At the Time I didn't , how many people were dying.
Still I don't really realize what happend that awful day.

Klemens | 14 | Austria

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