#2506 | Friday, September 13th 2002
On September 11, 2001 I was getting ready for work. I normally don't watch the news in the morning but for some reason I turned the t.v. on that morning. I was working the 10am-8pm shift at the Castle Rock Police Department in Colorado as a Police dispatcher. I imediatly called my loved ones to make sure everyone was ok. That day at work the only people that called were family, friends, and fellow co-workers. When I think back to that day it is like a total blur and in slow motion like on movies. We spent the day in front of the television watching the devistation and a lot of us cried. Only one of our officers got called to duty and after a year is still not back yet. Our Victim Advocate went to to Ground Zero to help out the family's affected by 9-11. I know this story doesn't even compair to most, but I wanted to share and let the family's know that they are in our thoughts and prayers here at the Castle Rock Police Department.
Allison | 24 | Colorado

#2074 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
Today marks one full year since an act of cowardice and terror, shock this nation and the world. All around I see indications that even now many are losing touch with the emotions of that day and the days that followed! And while it is a tribute to our resilience I pray that it does not go so far as to weaken our resolve, There are many who view today as an ending an epitaph to the events of a year ago, But I believe that we should let it serve as a beginning for real change, not rebuilding but building anew striving to make a difference here and abroad, to change the face of the globe in such a way that we become not only "One Nation under GOD" but "One World under a GOD who is to all people, a God of Love and Compassion, and that we in that spirit unite as a global community to put right the wrongs and Injustices that plague the globe. To change the culture of the people of this world so that no nation may be a safe haven for those that would spread terror and oppression.

I pray that we all will continue to remember the events of September the eleventh and allow them and the memories of those lost and the heroic effort of many to fuel or resolve to the end of our days.

Steven R. Williams

Steve | 40 | Colorado

#1946 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
My 33rd birthday was on Tuesday, Sept. 11. I was at work and heard the news on my local classic rock station. ... It is a birthday I will not soon forget.
... That night my sister sent me an instant message to call my father in Georgia. I replied, "What's wrong? What happened?" She said, "It's your birthday." I had forgotten.
— Bruce Mueller, Colorado Springs

Bruce | 33 | Colorado

#1850 | Monday, September 9th 2002
I was sitting at my desk with a cup of coffee and doing some work on the computer at home when my daughter called me to tell me that NY was attacked. And for me to turn on the TV.

I did...and to my horror I saw something that would haunt me until I die. I saw the Twin Towers crumble to the ground and the news teams saying that there were hundreds trapped and that some one had the audacity to attack the United States.

All I could do was cry. Why would anyone want to attack the US? As long as I have been alive, the US had always came to the aide of hundreds of people in need...take a look at the war when the first President Bush was in office. Why this unadulterated attack on us? What did we do?...All these questions when I first saw what happened.

Now, a year later, I still don't have those answers...but I have alot of pride in my country. My country has done a wonderful job upholding what's right. I do not hold against those whose beliefs and religion just happens to be the same as those who attacked the US. For they too feel the hurt and pain this has caused. Whatever the goal was in attacking the US...those people have failed. We as people of the US stands united...as we should be!
Let those who feels the same as this stand with us and continue on. For those who lost loved ones...know that your loved ones memories are not forgotten. For without them...the many who survived wouldn't have...and for those who did the attack...We the people...of ALL nations..of ALL religions..stand UNITED!

Joyce | 40 | Colorado

#1749 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I was in Colorado and my mom called from Florida and woke me up by saying, "Turn on the television...the World Trade Center is on fire."
I fumbled for the remote control and then saw an image too horrific to fully comprehend, even today. The second plane was flying into the tower and I thought to myself, "my God, we are under attack." I didn't know by whom or why. But I knew this was no accident and we would no longer be the safe nation I had known.

Jennifer | 25 | Colorado

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