#1882 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
On the afternoon of 11th September 2001, I sat at my desk at work in an office building in Dublin, Ireland. It was after lunch, a fine sunny day and I was, frankly, bored. Then someone came and said a plan had crashed into one of the Twin Towers in New York. As the details became known everyone logged onto the internet to get more information. The system jammed, the phone lines to New York were down. Then news came in of other attacks in Washington. An air of disbelief was followed by sadness, and an underlying fear. That's what I remember most about that day - an anxiety to get home, to be with friends and family. I rushed to my friend's house and we sat watching the unfolding disaster on television, unable to take in the reality of it. I have never been so upset and afraid in my life. It felt like the end of the world. On the 13th September 2001 we had a national day of mourning in Ireland. This year we will have one minute's silence when we remember those who died and those who survived. God bless you all.
As a PS may I suggest that the best memorial to the brave firefighters and police officers who lost their lives that day is not a plaque or monument but a change of attitude in how they are treated? They risk their lives every day but it is only in such times of extreme danger that we witness their selflessness. Mostly they are taken for granted - a little respect would go a long way.......

Sineid | 40 | Ireland

#1523 | Tuesday, August 6th 2002
I was outside my orthodontist listening to the radio. My mum saw it on tv and thought it was a horror movie.
Miranda | 12 | Ireland

#1448 | Sunday, July 7th 2002
I live in Ireland.I work a night shift,and was due to be getting up when my fiance came running up the stairs shouting.In my confused daze,I could not make head nor tale of what he was trying to tell me.I could only piece together words "attack" "twin towers" "planes".What on earth was going on.......He shouted at me again,I cant really remember what.I got out of the bed and began my descent.When I walked into the living room and focused on the SKY news,nothing prepared me for what was unravelling before my eye's.
My entire body froze,I had goosepimples like never before,It was unbeleivable.Over and over I watched as they replayed the horrific video footage of the planes crashing into the towers.I sat down and cryed.......My brother rang me a few minutes later and asked me was I watching the news.We were as shocked as each other.And in some way we felt enraged and shamed,you see we are of mixed race.Our father was a pakistani muslim.From our little knowledge of the Qu'aran,of what we could remember,These people were not doing this in the name of Allah,They were doing it in the name of Insanity and Evil.GOd Bless all of those who died,and God protect there families.We are with you.

Ayshea | 25 | Ireland

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