#1442 | Friday, July 5th 2002
My heart go's out to everyone. I was in Japan,where my husband was station in the US NAVY. I watched the whole thing happen on CNN, in shock. We were on lock down on the base for almost a week. And was scared to fly home at the need of the month. We are now in San Deigo CA. Waithing to here when my husband is leaving to go and help the troops over sea.
Loni | 32 | Japan

#810 | Sunday, March 3rd 2002
My name is cristy, and i live In japan, My husband is in the Air Force.
The attacks happened at almost 10:00PM
here in toyko. It was tuesday night. I had just got my little kids to bed, and was waiting for the real world,(MTV)
to come on. I was channel surfing and ran across CNN, and the today show. and saw the first tower on fire... I was so upset, just by that... to know all throes people were in there.. and then out of no where i saw the second plane and i just could not believe what my eyes were seeing, A second plane? could this be an attack... i thought no way, but it was...
my heart was pounding, my eyes were heavy, and my soul was hurting like it has never done before...... I ran to my neighbor's house and told her what happend...... she was just as surprised.
I stayed up all night here in toyko, i wanted to see what was happening to my home, I may live in japan, but my home is the united states and i felt so far away and wanted to see what was happening. Finally i feel asleep, and woke up early the next day and did the same thing... finally i had to go out and get away from this...
MY life here on base changed, we went to threat con "Delta". Most people who serve in the military have never seen this.....Life is still hard here, our husbands, wives, dad's and mommys, are working hard for the fight of freedom.... We often say good bye, to our loved ones.... They might not be right where it is happening but there is still alot going on..... so it is very hard on the family structure... but we do it in the name of the victims, surviors and all people who love and enjoy freedom... When it gets to much, i often think of how lucky i am, I know where my children and loved ones are. So that is one story of how a military wife trys to survive just like everyone else..
God bless everyone...i know that saying has been used alot, but there is no other way to say it......

cristy | 22 | Japan

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