#2209 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was in a cross-cultural psychology class (my last semester of college). It's funny how appropriate that class is to the situation. I didn't find out until the next period when my philosophy professor came into the room crying and she quickly told us what had happened in unclear terms. Nobody really understood. Obviously nothing this major has ever happened in my generation that we are old enough to remember clearly. I thought it was overseas, and though that would still be devastational, it does not hit home like what really happened. It's amazing one year later to watch everyone come together again. It brings goosebumps to my skin to watch the unity form. I am proud to be an American and part of the free world. I think we definitely take for granted what we consider rights. I give thanks to all the heroes that serve and have served to give us this freedom.
Rebecca | 22 | Rhode Island

#1460 | Wednesday, July 10th 2002
On September 11th 2001,
I was at work. I heard the radio
announcer state that a plane had crashed into the world trade center. I said out loud, "now that is NOT funny".
I thought someone was playing a sick joke. As soon as I said that, the dj said "this is not a joke". Then my mother called from her work. She said
"have you seen tv, did you hear what happen at the world trade center?"
I immediately turned the tv on. Everyone was mesmerized and in shock by what was transpiring. Everything was happening so quickly. I called my dad and brother to make sure they were ok.
I gave them updates on what was happening. It was so chaotic. I couldn't believe my eyes/ears. I knew our lives had changed forever. One woman in the office said "we are going to WAR". It was such a beautiful day weather wise. Who knew what a horrible day it was going to turn out ot be!
I was glued to the tv until 2am the next morning. I felt so helpless. What
could I do to help? My heart was just aching!

Karyn | 31 | Rhode Island

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