#2422 | Thursday, September 12th 2002
The 11th of september is a national holiday where I live, that's why I was at home with my husband that afternoon watching the news on tv. Suddenly there was an interruption of the program and a connection live with new york to show the images of a plane that had just hit the Twin Towers. As I was watching this, another plane hit the second tower. That was too much. I couldn't believe my eyes. My first thought was about the people who were on the towers that day. I didn't know what was coming next, but I thought to myself that a lot of people was going to die. My mother called me: Are you watching tv? Yes, I said and we just spent minutes there on the line, without words to express our emotions or to describe what we were witnessing

My honeymoon was in New York two years ago and my husband and I just love that city and the people. Nothing will be the same, the empty sky will always remind us of the tragedy.

That day was a horrible day, I just couldn't stop thinking of the suffering of all that innocent people: people who was working that day, who had families waiting at home, who had plans and who had nothing to do with the people who had done that monstruosity. I spent days and weeks crying whenever I saw those images on television, and I still do. And I have this sensation that none of this is real, that the towers are still there and that everything was a terrible nightmare. Words can't express my sorrow, my sympathy for all the people who suffered and for the lives of those who have gone so unexpectedly. I pray this NEVER happens again.

B.C. | 27 | Spain

#1397 | Saturday, June 15th 2002
Well, i was on my rom when my parents call me to watch what was happening on New York, I couldn´t belive i called a friend and we pass all the day watching the historic and terrorific things where happening.
All we cand do is pray for the soul of ALL people who have been & are envolve on this

Oscar | 22 | Spain

#213 | Monday, October 22nd 2001
I was sitting having a Coke with my friend Elke. We were in Jaime III road in Palma City, sitting outside a café by the road. I can remember looking at my clock at 15:04 (Spanish time). Now I think about it, that was the time the second plane hit the building. Even thinking about it maked me shiver.

God bless America.....and good luck...

Dale | 17 | Spain

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