#2508 | Saturday, September 14th 2002
*On that terrible day.......

I was at work doing exactly what I am doing now, working on a computer..a colleague came into our office and informed us that a plane had just hit one of the World Trade Centers, immediately I looked up CNN and Fox News on the internet and watched as the whole event unfolded. I am a Firefighter myself over here in England and I must say "Our Thoughts Are With You" I have family in America so I know how much it really affected everybody. "*God Be With You All*". "Firefighter in Suffolk, England"

Dale | 23 | United Kingdom

#2493 | Friday, September 13th 2002
I was in Burnley, (Lancashire, UK) when the first plane hit the WTC. I am a Housing Officer for a Housing Association based in Accrington, and I had just finished visiting one of my tenants. I got into my car to drive back to my office about 15 minutes drive away. I set my car radio to ‘seek’ to pick up a music station on my journey, and it picked up a commercial radio station in Halifax, Yorkshire. After a few seconds of music, there was an announcement. It was about 2.10pm I think. ‘We are going to the Newsroom for a news report’. Then silence. Nothing. Minutes passed, then: ‘A light plane has flown into the World Trade Centre. We will bring you more news when we have it’ Then the music recommenced.

Doesn’t make sense? There has to be more to it. Why the long delay?

I was approaching my office in Accrington. ‘We join the Newsroom for an update’. Another pause. ‘A second plane has flown into the World Trade Centre’

Second plane? TWO planes? Nothing makes sense – what are the chances of two accidents like that? TWO? TWO! This must be deliberate – not an accident.

I rush back to my office. Usual office banter as I arrive, Helen and Phil joking as they always are, never working when I arrive!. ‘Have you heard the news – 2 planes have flown into the World Trade Centre’, I said.

Phil and Helen think it’s a joke, and are waiting for the punchline from me. This isn’t a joke, I tell them

(I’m a good few years older than they, and can remember the WTC being built. Helen and Phil haven’t heard of it. I explain – the twin towers in NY. Tallest skyscrapers in the world, thousands – no, tens of thousands – work there.)

Then the awful realisation. Tens of thousands………… how many dead?

We have no radio or television in the office. I try to log onto the web, but the servers cant cope. We get half an image, the top of WTC2 with thick black smoke pouring out. No text, just half an image then it freezes.

The phone rings. My wife is watching it live on BBC. She saw the second hit, live. She is very calm, and tells us what is happening. Two planes hijacked and flown into WTC. Both towers on fire.

Still can’t get onto the web. The phone rings again. The pentagon has been hit, and a fourth plane has crashed.

There are 6 of us in the office now. All work has stopped. We sit in silence, waiting for more news. Accrington is deserted, not a soul on the streets. We feel very lonely, isolated, fearful of what is happening, who is responsible, how will the US react, will Bush retaliate, will it go nuclear?

The phone rings. WTC2 has collapsed.

Later, the phone rings again, and we know before it is answered that WTC1 must have collapsed as well. We close the office and I drive the 65 miles home to Cumbria, the saddest, loneliest, longest journey I have ever made.

Martin | 45 | United Kingdom

#2487 | Friday, September 13th 2002
I was at work listening to the radio when the programme was interupted with the news that a plane had hit the World Trade Centre....At the beginning it seemed like a tragic accident. It wasn't till I arrived home after work and saw the pictures, and learnt of the other planes that it hit me. This was pure evil,I sat there trying to take it all in, numb with disbelief...My heart and prayers go out to all the survivors of 9/11 and to all those who lost loved ones. I can't begin to imagine the pain and suffering of you all....
Adam | 22 | United Kingdom

#2477 | Friday, September 13th 2002
I live in the UK and flew back from vacation in Europe on the morning of September 11th. I had just walked into my house and switched on the TV when the horrific pictures from New York came onto the screen. The scenes were live and I cried as I watched the second plane hit and one by one the towers collapsed. I can never imagine the pain that the people of America went through and still go through today but please be assured that my thoughts and prayers are with you always.
Danni | 28 | United Kingdom

#2476 | Friday, September 13th 2002
I am a Brit that spends as much time as possible visiting the USA. I was at work in the UK when the terrible news came over the radio. I found it devastating to watch and my heart went out to all my friends in the USA. Two weeks after the event I again visiting the USA and was touched by the patriotism and loyalty that we encountered.

Iris | 58 | United Kingdom

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