#2515 | Saturday, September 14th 2002
I was working at a television station on September 11th, 2001. I was watching the tragedy unfold, when I saw the second plane hit the south tower of the World Trade Center. I will never forget the feeling of armegeddon, and it just seemed like the whole country was under attack. I drove home early that day, and cried the whole way. I listned to the radio, and they talked about more planes, and possible targets. I couldn't believe the chaos our country faced. God bless the victims, firefighters, police officers, ems squads, and others who were killed on September 11th. And, I hope the hijackers are burning in hell right now, for the way they killed so many Americans. We will never forget, and justice will prevail. God Bless America.
Sad | 25 | West Virginia

#2490 | Friday, September 13th 2002
I will always remember where I was September 11th. I was sitting in my Science class at school when a teacher came running in, shouting for us to turn on the news. She ran straight out of the room as soon as she had made sure the TV was on. We sat all day long watching it as we moved from class to class. At lunch I ran into my best friend, who had told me the day before that her dad was going to the Pentagon the next day (on September 11th). She hadn't heard what was going on yet. When I told her the Pentagon had been hit, her eyes got real wide and she ran for the office to call her house. Her dad answered the phone-he hadn't been at the Pentagon when it was hit: he had been on a plane about to take off for home and they made the plane stop and everone get off and go home on a bus (I live about 4 hours from D.C.). She and I started crying with relief to learn that he was ok. The whole time I kept thinking about the school shootings at Columbine High School in Colorado. At the time then I had lived 50 miles away from there, and what happened on Spetember 11th, what I did at school and how I reacted was the same. Then just 2 days ago on September 11, 2002, our school had an assembly. I cried and cried. I will never, ever forget this. I saved the newspaper from the next day. It sits in my time capsule to be opened in 19 years, to remind me of what happened. But I will need no reminder.
Tiffany | 16 | West Virginia

#2444 | Thursday, September 12th 2002
What started out to be a normal day, ended in confusion, grief, and anger. I was a housekeeper in a local hotel that day. As I was cleaning a room, I heard a guest next door loudly exclaim that " that isn't an accident, that was on purpose." . So I turned on the tv in the room I was cleaning, just as the second plane hit. That day was a blurr after that . I remember going to the lounge where we took our breaks. Everyone was watching. Then all the guests we had started leaving. It was understandable, as alot of them were government employees. In a matter of a few hours, our 106 room hotel was empty, or just about.Just a few guests, and the employees of the hotel were left. We couldn't stop our work, and had to continue. That day seemed to last forever. It truly is a day I'll neverforget. I kept thinking about my family. About where my husband was. What was going to happen next. Would there be more? When I got home, all I could do was watch the news, and cling to my husband. I called my family to tell them how much I loved them. After all that happened that day, I never shed a tear.I couldn"t understand that. I guess I never will. But now... One year later...I again was glued to the tv. As I watched the service in New York, and Heard the Pipers play "Amazing Grace" before going into the pit, I started to cry. I cried for all those innocent lives taken from their families. For the brave souls who thoughtlessly gave up their lives to save someone they didn't even know. For the courage of the families, who must deal with this horrendous loss the rest of their lives.Our world is now forever changed. I pray that the world as a whole learns something from this. That one day, soon,we won't have to worry about opening our mail, or flying to another city. That the world will not tolerate such cowardly acts, and will take the steps necessary to obliterate those who perpitrate them. To all the families of those who were taken that day,May God Bless you and bring you Peace.
Lugene | 46 | West Virginia

#1988 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
What can I say about that day. I was in 2nd period 9th grade Health class. I remember our principal getting on the school microphone and telling everyone to turn on their tv's, something happened that the us goverment thought was a terrist action. So our health teacher turns on the tv, and he didn't turn the sound on because he was on the phone talking about fishing or something. At first we thought that it was just bombed, but then when he actually turned the volume on, we realized that a plane had hit the first tower. We actually saw the 2nd one hit. I was,of course, freaking out because i scare very easily. When iwas in Spanish 1, we saw the first tower collapse. By then we had already heard about the pentagon, and i realized that I had a cousin that worked there. My friend Cody's uncle also worked there so we talked about that. They turned off the broadcast, but our Spanish teacher turned on the radio, and we sorta heard something about a plane in Pennsylvania. When i was leaving Spanish class, my best friend Liz came up to me and she said THey are just getting closer and closer to West Virginia. And i realized oh wow, the area i live in is surrounded by power plants. Another comforting idea. I remember in 4th period, desktop publishing, thinking, I may not be allowed to do this, I don't really know, But I'm going to do it anyway. And with that I bowwed my head and prayed.
Sarai | 16 | West Virginia

#1924 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was at the Marion Co. Family Resourcn ek meeting in Fairmont, WV. All of a sudden folks started getting phone calls and did not return. Soon we found out how quickly life had changed.Started making phone calls to family my one brother was not on the plane that crashed in Pa. Our oldest son who generally flew into New York was in the air at the time of the horror. since then my thoughts and prayers have been with the families of the victims
Cathy | 50 | West Virginia

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