#1814 | Monday, September 9th 2002
I was at work as usual. I received word from my wife, who happened to be home sick that day, that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. I assumed it was a small, private plane that had gone out of control. I told several co-workers about it and they assumed the same thing. Some time later, my wife called me in a state of panic because she was watching on TV and told me that no, it was a jet, and the tower was burning. Soon after, we received word that a second plane had hit the other tower and we all knew that this was a terrorist attack.

Someone from my office ran home to get a TV and a bunch of us sat around in stunned silence while watching the images on the screen.

My personal reaction was one of absolute anger and desire for retribution. I cannot help it, that's the kind of person I am. That same day, I bought a car flag and promised to fly it from then on.

Every time I drive past the familiar New York skyline and see that the towers are no longer there, I feel a tremendous sense of sadness and then one of anger. I hope that the government and citizens of the United States never stop hunting for those who were involved.

Todd Staruch
Uniion, NJ

Todd | 34 | New Jersey

#1769 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I Remember sep 11 2001 in two ways, first at 4:00 AM my wife went into labor with our second son Zackery Tyler Wellman. He was born at 6:35 on that terrible day; second I was in the recovery room with my wife when the attack on the twin towers started. I was so happy on one hand and I was shocked and appalled on the other it is still very confusing.
George | 34 | West Virginia

#1668 | Thursday, September 5th 2002
When I heard the news I had just arrived at work, I did not want to believe it and I prayed that all those at the WTC would be able to escape unharmed. The entire day was so emotional and sad. We listened to the radio and watched the news on tv late into the night. My family and I will always mourn for those lost at the WTC, the Pentagon and Flight 93. My husband and I are native New Yorkers, we would drive into NY and feel great PRIDE and LOVE for the beautiful skyline of the WTC and the Statue of Liberty. Now I know when we return to visit with our children it will really hit us hard. This has hurt to the core of our being. I do not think we (USA) will ever be the same.
Christina | 34 | South Carolina

#1495 | Thursday, July 25th 2002
Where was I? I live 2 hours north of New York City...I was working on the computer when I heard on the TV something about a plane crashing into the world trade center. As I looked in disbelief, I thought to myself what a tragic accident...then shortly later another plane crashed into the second world trade center. I was then furious and knew immediately that this was not accident. As the building collapsed I lost my station I was watching due to the antenna on the second trade center was the signal for the station. I scrambled to find another station. I called my wife at work, we all were worried,and unable to continue working for the rest of the week glued to the TV to capture every final detail of what happened, who did it and why. I am still to this day, like many people near and far, mad at those who did this.
Scott | 34 | New York

#1469 | Sunday, July 14th 2002
I was at home in Sydney Australia just getting up to start the day, kids to school etc... My husband rang me from work and told me to put the television on to the news. I could not believe my eyes, I was totally dumbstruck and had trouble coping with what I was seeing. I could not turn off the television, even though my children were scared and wondered why mummy was crying. I did manage to get one of the children to school on time, luckily his teacher explained to him as best she could what had happened. By the time he got home from school I had composed myself and together we discussed it.He asked why and would it happen here, who would do this and all sorts of innocent questions.

There is a time difference between our countries, it had all happened while I was sleeping peacefully in my bed. I felt guilty about this for some reason. I still think constantly about all that was lost that day and hope that the world will come together as one so that our children will never see such things again.

Leanne | 34 | Australia

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