#1961 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
i was home with my family. getting ready for the day. heard it on the radio first. then rushed to the tv just in time to see the second plane hit. i too, still weep about this whole tragety. i would wish for us just to try to get along with everyone. just at least be plesent to everyone. for we are all god's children.
denise | 37 | Utah

#1915 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
The morning of 9/11 started much like every other weekday for me and my Ohio family. I woke to the alarm-clock and saw my 8 year-old daughter off to school. As the bus drove away, I waved good-bye to my daughter… I smiled in ignorant bliss, having no idea that within a few short hours my life would be forever changed.

I closed the door and thought, I will grab another hour or two of sleep, as I work second shift. I climbed back in bed, and snuggled with my wife, Angela who had the day off from Wal-Mart. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

I don’t know how long I slept, but we abruptly awaken by the sound of someone pounding on our door. I stumbled to the door and found, my mother there. I saw the look on her face, and was just about ready to ask what was wrong, when she said, They’ve attacked the Pentagon and the World Trade Center in New York. Your father says, “It’s war.””

I turned on the television and sat in stark horror, Angela took the phone and went into the other room to call her parents in Kentucky. The TV showed the Twin Towers with black smoke billowing from them. As the live scenes were unfolding, the network news showed video of the second plane blasting into the second building. I couldn’t even speak, I could hardly breath. When the first tower fell, I slid off my chair onto my knees, my hands over my mouth. “Oh Lord, Oh Lord,” I repeated over and over.

I watched about another hour or so of the coverage, I saw scenes of the damage to the pentagon, the collapse of the second tower, and heard that Flight 93 had crashed in Pennsylvania.

I left the house to help my father who was removing an old second story apartment from his manufacturing business. With the radio still giving updates, I walked off of a scaffold and fell 8 feet to the ground below. I landed on my feet, still moving and my brother stopped my forward momentum, which would have sent me through a large store-front window. I decided that it was time to take myself and my newly broken, little toe home to take a shower.

I took my shower, taped my toe to the next digit. Hugged and kissed my wife about ten times and headed off to work. It seemed that almost everyone wanted to talk about the attacks, but I just wanted to be alone. Like I said, my life had been forever changed. That night and the next day I found it hard to send my daughter, Jenna off to school that day. Nothing would be the same again.

The other night we had a 9/11 Memorial at our church. I thought the hardest part of the service for me was going to be watching the computer slide-show of 9/11, but it wasn’t. The hardest part of that service is when our pastor asked us to pray also for our enemies, including those who planned and carried out these horrid attacks.

Part of me wants to believe that this is only a nightmare, but if it is, I can’t wake up from it. What the attacks have done to me, on a personal level, is make me aware of how I interact with my family and friends. I don’t hold back my feelings, I express how much I love them and how important they are to me. BILL K.

Bill | 37 | Ohio

#1891 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
Where I am now on the internet. Actually being from Australia it happened late Tuesday night, like exactly about now and I was talking to someone in the US on a chat program and they said that a plane had hit a building a few streets away from her. I had no idea what she meant and thought she meant just a small lite plane. I had never really heard of the Trade Centre before that as it dosen't play a big part in Australia. She said she was shaking and cryning and felt like vomiting. As I really didn't understand what was happening I didn't take much notice of her. The next morning when I turned on the TV as I heard on the radio news that America was under attack and war had been decalred I thought wow what was going on. I couldn't believe what I saw and just as I was about to turn it off to got to uni they started collapsing. Everyone was stunned and no one was talking at uni. Being thousands of miles away it didn't seem real and it still doesn't. I can't imagine what it must have been like for those involved. I still can't imagine. I hope now though we can start to move ahead as a united world and wipe the SOB's out who are responsible and not let anyone take their place. This must never happen again. War must never happen again cause no one wins a war.
Terina | 37 | Australia

#1875 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was at my work... At that time I had a temporary job.
Just showing a colleague how the internet works... How to browse through a site...
I decided to let her take a look at the CNN pages...
Strange because I almost never looked at the CNN pages anymore... I just typed http://www.cnn.com to show her the pages.
That was at Dutch time 02.55 p.m.
Just a few minutes after the first plane hit the WTC. And a few before the second plane hit the second tower...
First we thought of an accident but than... We heard and saw that a second plane has hit the other tower.
There was no doubt in our (or at least in my) mind that this hasn't anything to do with an accident.
This must be an attempt!
Not so long after the WTC attack we heard about a few planes that were possibly hijacked...
One crashed nearby Pittsburg and one hit the Pentagon.
What was happening in the world? Who are those idiots that were attempting the free world???
It was really clear for me that this wasn't an attempt at only the US but an attempt to democracy...
I went home and watched TV. And looked at the towers... Falling down...
For weeks I was shocked, just as almost everyone in the "free" world...
All those innocent lives that were taken. All the people who will never see their beloveds again...
We never will and may never forget!

Karin | 37 | Netherlands

#1728 | Saturday, September 7th 2002
I was working at a 24-hour a day call center for Adelphia Cable in Bangor, Maine. My fellow co-workers and I had the TV on as the first plane hit the North Tower. We watched in horror as the second plane impacted the South Tower. Then, something amazing happened. All of the phones in this call center ceased ringing. An eerie silence fell over the sales floor as the TV began flinging horrorific details through sights and sounds at us. People in the building were crying. Others showed the caring and the haunting in their eyes. We closed the office to walk-in traffic as we are a communications center and close to an International Airport. People began to wander the floor looking to comfort and for comfort. We all were lost.
Raymond | 37 | Maine

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