#1045 | Saturday, March 16th 2002
A day I will never forget. In our office someone heard on the radio about the first plane - then the second and we were all glued in horror and fear as we watched our small TVs. All I could think of was this is the end. I wanted my child close to me, and wanted to be the one to tell him of this horror. Then the plane hit the Pentagon which is not far from where his Dad lives. Our office soon gave everyone the option to leave, which I did. I picked up my 13 year old son from school and told him the news. It was like living a movie - this could not be happening. Nothing will ever be the same. We will never feel the same. As Americans the terrorists were now on our turf and it was not a safe feeling.
T. | 43 | Florida

#1010 | Thursday, March 14th 2002
I was sleeping and the phone rang, It was my mother-in-law and she said turn on the TV now!, I kept asking why? and she said just do it. I turned on the tv and saw the unthinkable with my eyes the planes hitting the World Trade center and the Pentagon. The news anchor said the White house was being evacuated, I was immediately filled with fear and horror, I woke up everyone in the house yelling WE ARE BEING ATTACKED AND THE WHITE HOUSE IS BEING EVACUATED. Everyone in the house immediately woke and we all were in a state of shock and disbelief. All Day long we could not tear our eyes away from the events unfolding in front of us. We were glued to our tv's for days and allot of tears were shed and now 6 months later I do not think we are the same, I wonder is it going to happen again and Where?, I remember not too long after that I heard a plane fly too low and I immediately ducked and hit the floor, I feel so sorry for the victims and their families I wish I could bring their loved ones back. I wish we could erase their pain. I don't think America will ever be the same again. I know I will never be the same
Grace | 43 | Oregon

#1000 | Wednesday, March 13th 2002
I was driving into work that morning. The radio was tuned to a local television station and I was listening, I think, to Diane Sawyer. They had a local New York television station on that was describing that a plane had hit one of the towers of the World Trade Center. As she was broadcasting on network television, the 2nd plane hit, and she said “Oh my god, another plane has hit the second tower!”

It seemed so surreal, that it reminded of the stories I have heard about when Orson Welles went onto the radio and read his story of “War of the Worlds” and scared America so many years ago (and I did think that thought that day). I just thought it couldn’t possibly be true. I got to work, went into my office, and none of the people had heard anything, other than that one tower had been hit. I told them to turn on the radios, because another plane had hit, and now the radio was saying it was a terrorist attack.

Our cafeteria has a large screen TV, so I immediately went there to see if I could learn anything else. When the news came on that the Pentagon had been attacked, and a hijacked plane had crashed in Pennsylvania, I called my teenage daughter and told her to stay home, that I didn’t know what was going on, but she might have to go to the basement. I was scared, confused and really didn’t know what was going on with so many stories of attacks coming in.

Later that day, a group of us that had been watching the TV went off by ourselves and had a group prayer. With feeling so helpless and vulnerable, it felt somewhat comforting to be in a group and giving our feelings to God, and asking Him to help those in the attacks, as well as helping us in whatever way He could.

It’s been six months. I still get a lot of tears in my eyes when I read or think about that day, and I didn’t even have anyone I knew that was directly affected by the attacks. Or can it be stated that every American, and many, many others around the world, were directly affected in one way or another??

Cindy | 43 | Ohio

#983 | Tuesday, March 12th 2002
I was at work at a Pennsylvania steel mill,when we heard that the World Trade center was hit.Initially,like a lot of others,we thought it was a horrible accident and went about our jobs.Then,when the news came of the second tower,and then the pentagon,we all huddled around a radio,thinking "My god,america is under attack!!"We sat there,fully expecting to hear of other attacks nationwide,for we surely thought a sustained and well timed attack was underway.We all immediatly phoned our homes and schools to check on our families and children.

Oh what a sad sad chapter in american history....

God Bless America,forever.....

Tim | 43 | Pennsylvania

#536 | Wednesday, December 19th 2001
I am a New Yorker. I came to live in New York from London, U.K. 15 years ago, I am 43, a mother of two. I was at my home in Tribeca. I heard the roar of the jet and ran to the window to see the tail end of the first jet disappear into the tower. I watched as the horrid event took place and listened to hundreds of grinding sirens as firemen and police raced to their sad fate. I am changed forever. God bless all who perished, all who mourn, and all who are fighting for liberty at home and abroad.
Barbara | 43 | New York

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