#1404 | Wednesday, June 19th 2002
I'll start by stating that September 11th is my birthday.
Like every day, I was at work, and I was sitting at my boss' office checking something out with him, when one of my coworkers stormed in and said that we should come and see the news, because a plane hit the WTC, and that while she was watching the live coverage, another one hit the other building. We didn't know what it was, we just rushed to the lounge where the TV is at, and watched, totally shocked, how the Pentagon is hit, and how the buildings collapse. I drove home totally mute, and had to go out to dinner with my parents and sister, since 'after all, I am not to blame, and it's still my birthday'.

I remember just watching the news and thinking of bad American movies, and telling myself it just can't be true.

Amit | 20 | Israel

#1390 | Tuesday, June 11th 2002
In summer 2001 I was in NY. I bought a poscart of NY with the "tweens" on it for my friends wich are tweens. I gave them the poscart on September 11th without knowing what have happened half an hour befor. When I heared about what happened I could not belive that something like that could have happened especialy in NY. That story is wird.


Michelle | 12 | Israel

#1302 | Tuesday, May 21st 2002
I'm sharon from israel. On that day i were at my army base doying my work when I heared the news on the radio.
we all were shoked and we wer'nt alowed to leave the base and go home.
It was frightning.

sharon | 20 | Israel

#1278 | Wednesday, May 15th 2002
i was in my room with my friend- study for a test...
suddenly my mother opened my room's door' and told me to open T.V
i opened....and i couldn't belive what my eyes just saw....i was in shok, it all look like a big bad dream...
i felt realy bad
and i did understand how the people who live there felt...
i had a friend that died because the same reson, she died in "the dolfinaruim" that was in 5291
almost a year....
i want to tell everybody to b strong and i want to sent my sorry to all the victam's family, i live in isreal-so i know how you feel- to lose somebody that u love....

love u and wish u the best...

chen | 16 | Israel

#1225 | Monday, April 29th 2002
On september 11th, when the terrible disaster happened, I was at home, sleeping. Actually, when the first reports appeared on CNN, I was closing my eyes, it didn't interested me at first, because I didn't thought it was the World Trade Center on fire, and I thought it was "only" a small fire. I say "only" because as you know, here in Israel we have lots of terror attacks every day, and a burning building in NY seemed to me as a regular thing.
About an hour later, I woke up and my mother told that the first building of the "Twins" had collapsed. I was definitely shocked...

Nadav | 15 | Israel

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