#1823 | Monday, September 9th 2002
September 11th will always be in my mind as very few events have affected me the way that day has. I was in my office conducting a training class when one of my co-workers asked to use the television set that was in my training room. When we were able to break for a few minutes I checked in to see what they wanted to see on the TV. To my horror I saw the first tower on fire then the second tower was hit. My company had offices in both towers and we lost many associates and friends that day. The only thing I wanted to do at that point was get to my children and hold them because noone knew what else was going to happen and I feared for their safety. As I watched the events unfold I couldn't help but feel both concern for the innocent people who had died or were injured and at the same time the anger I felt for the cowards that committed this insane act was so great that I have never in my life felt emotions like that at the same time.

My thoughts and prayers are always with those who so bravely and unknowingly lost their lives that fateful day.

I will, as I hope every American, never forget those brave Americans.

David | 36 | Missouri

#1801 | Monday, September 9th 2002
The morning of September 11, 2001 started off as any other Tuesday morning does in my small town in southwest Missouri. I went to my classroom at the school where I work and was preparing myself for the day when a teacher across the hall asked me if I had heard about the "accident" at the World Trade Center. At that time, of course, only the first building had been hit. I turned on the TV in my classroom, and sat and watched in awe as the second plane crashed...heard the news that the Pentagon had been hit...watched as the first building fell and then the second. I remember feeling so much pain for the families of those people who had lost their lives. Even so far away in Missouri, we felt the fear that those people felt...the sheer terror of it all. September 11, 2001 is a day that is etched in my mind and in my heart forever.

Jennifer | 26 | Missouri

#1772 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
On Sept 11, 2001, I had woke up to get ready for work...at first it was just a normal day. I got in my car, turned it on, and the radio reported what was happening. I work for a major airline in Kansas City, MO. I assumed it was a small aircraft that hit the World Trade Center, and didn't realize the extent of the attacks. As more and more info was reported, I realized it was a commerical jet. After work that day, I had planned to fly to Sacramento to visit my girlfriend, and had brought my luggage w/ me to work. I called her assuming everything was okay and I'd be able to fly out there. I then called up to work and asked a coworker what was going on. She told me that we were on a system-wide ground stop, meaning no flights were allowed to take-off. When I finally got to work, I remember walking by a gate and seeing several passengers huddled around the TV's in the gate areas. I had not seen any of the live footage and it was something that I never could have imagined. I went into the back offices, and several coworkers were congregated in the breakroom in shock by the events unfolding on TV. We got the word from the FAA that they were grounding all flights for the rest of the day. I went to the gate areas and made the announcements to the passengers that we were ceasing operations for the rest of the day. After we emptied out the gates, and the passengers left, we had absolutely nothing to do. Most of us just watched TV the rest of the day. I have never seen the airport that empty before. A coworker and I went walking around the ramp side and it was so eerie to hear nothing. An airport is always noisy, always background noise...but there was nothing. I remember the sound of a soda can blowing across the concrete, heard from about 30 yards away. That day, obviously, I never got to Sacramento to see my girlfriend. I ended up staying at work until midnight in conference calls w/ our headquarters. I could hardly stay awake on the way home...I was so exhausted from all the emotions of the day. It was definitely a day I can never forget.
Brian | 26 | Missouri

#1640 | Sunday, September 1st 2002
I was working at RK STratman inc. located west of st louis. I arrived on time(7:00a.m.CT) and started to fill out my daily production log. when i filled in the date i rember thinking that sept. 11th would just be another pointless day.

After completeing my paperwork i got suited up to begin my day of cleaning printing screens for the t-shirt factory. At one point(probably around 7:50a.m.CT) a co-worker had asked me where the World Trade Center was.(everyone at the plant knows me as jersey Doug) One of the t-shirts we printed had the NY skyline so i pointed it out to him. For some reason what not the co-worker did not mention anything about the attack.

At around a quarter after eight my cousin from jersey calls me on my cell-phone. i usually do not answer calls at work but he used the family emergency code. Since we have never used the emergency code i quickly called him back.

It turned out he was stuck in traffic on the NJ Turnpike with a complete view of the disaster. His car radio did not work and for some strange reason the only person he could get a hold of was me.

Unfortunately i had no access to a television and i could not afford to take the rest of the day off.

At 9:00a.m.CT i had my first break which i spent at my truck soaking up as much radio news as i can absorb. At this point i still did not know or think that the buildings would be collapsing.

When returning back to work i heard about the pentagon. A few of us were discussing a walk-out if the attacks continue. At that moment somebody in the office began broadcasting the news over the intercom. We felt comfortable about this so we went back to work.

Then it was lunch. Like always, my friend Jerry and i drove over to his apartment for the 40 minute break.When we turned the television on, it felt like the world had stopped when i saw those images of the towers crashing down. With all the noise in the factory we really couldnt hear the details. The rest of that day we did not work. Sometime in the afternoon we closed the plant down and we prayed.

As a child growing up in Bergen County New Jersey, i would look for those two buildings as we drove up from the shore. when the towers got bigger, i was closer to home. A part of me was lost when those towers fell.

Doug | 23 | Missouri

#1585 | Friday, August 23rd 2002
on 9-11 I was in my geomerty class...taking notes...a girl ran into our class and told us to turn on the tv, something big had happened, and the teacher wouldn't turn on the tv until we were done with our notes...once we finally turn it on..pretty much the whole class was crying, and we thought we were all going to die.
Annie | 18 | Missouri

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