#640 | Saturday, January 19th 2002
I am Gerrit Visser in the Netherlands and will never forget that moment when my colleague who worked on the desk across me was called by her husband only 25 minutes after the plane hit the first tower. Immediately we connected to CNN on the internet to get confirmed and see with our eyes that it was true that the Twin Towers was hit by a plane. Soon we went to the hall of our training centre only to witness those horrible moments of the scnd plane and the collapsing of the building. It was unbelievable, we could hardly believe our eyes. After work i had to pick up something at a friends house. There I watched the life broadcast of what happened in New York at that moment.


Gerrit | 48 | Netherlands

#573 | Monday, December 24th 2001
I don't have a TV, the only thing i noticed that evening was that it was suddenly very quiet in our students house.
The next day the math teacher said something important had happened, like the Vietnam war and the fall of the Wall. Finally i dared to ask, and later that day i viewed pictures on CNN.
I couldn't concentrate on the lessons anymore that day. I almost started to cry in the middle of the classroom while viewing these pictures. During the following evenings i noticed the city was very quiet, maybe because a lot of islamic people live in the neighbourhood.

Eric | 27 | Netherlands

#239 | Wednesday, November 7th 2001
I was at school when all this happened. I first heard of it when I was back at my dorm. It is horrible. Our hearts and thougts go to all the victims families and to all rescue employees and fire fighters!
Nick | 17 | Netherlands

#90 | Wednesday, September 19th 2001
I had been working all day, taking a course that specific day in a training complex in Bilthoven (The Netherlands), so we were kinda cut off the outside world. It wasn't until I got into my car and turned on the radio that I heard the diskjockey tell the listeners that they changed the music picks because of the terrible tragidy in the USA. For a few seconds I thought they were pulling another joke, but when I changed the channel to a news radio station I was shocked to find out the terrible truth.
Morgan | 23 | Netherlands

#87 | Wednesday, September 19th 2001
I was laying in bed, being ill, trying to get some sleep, when my mobile phone rang. It was my girlfriend, telling me that there was something terrible happening. The rest of the days after I watched CNN and visited websites
Michiel | 29 | Netherlands

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