#1863 | Monday, September 9th 2002
I was at work, my second day at my new job. I was reading the employee manual in the breakroom when one of the operators ran in, saying, "Turn on the television. A plane just hit the World Trade Center." At first I didn't comprehend what he had said, but when he turned on the television, one of the towers had just been hit. As other co-workers gathered around, trying to understand what had happened, the second tower was struck, and later, their collapse. I tried to keep my composure-I felt stunned, in a daze for the rest of the day. The rest of the week was a blur. I couldn't stop watching the news. I couldn't stop feeling angry and betrayed. And I couldn't stop crying. It's nearing a year now, and I still get emotional. I will never forget that day, and our loss.
Chanda | 33 | North Carolina

#1854 | Monday, September 9th 2002
I had woke up early on the morning of September 11 because the sun was shining in through the blinds into my eyes. I looked outside to see that it was such a beautiful blue sky with hardly a cloud in the sky. I sat down to watch TV while my then 3-year-old daughter continued to sleep. I had finished watching one program and was getting ready to watch another when the local news broke in with a special report. The local news transferred immediately to NBC in New York and I saw the first tower already in flames with black smoke marring that beautiful blue sky. I sat there in shock, never taking my eyes off of the screen, as the second plane hit the second tower. Due to angle of the news camera lens, I did not realize that this plane had literally flew INTO the building and I started wondering "Isn't anyone concerned with where this plane went?" It wasn't until I changed channels and noticed why nobody was concerned where the remainder of the plane was. Tears were rolling down my face as I sat there watching this with unbelieving eyes. Never in my life had I just sat in front of a TV watching history unfold in front of me than I did on September 11. After they halted all flights, it has never been so silent around my house (near the airport.) I had never understood the meaning of the phrase 'Deafening silence' until then. I hugged my daughter close to my chest as, together, we watched the death of the World Trade Center towers.

My family and I will be attending a memorial service on Wednesday evening to commemorate the lives lost one year ago and pray that this will never, ever happen again.

Alicia | 38 | North Carolina

#1496 | Thursday, July 25th 2002
I was in 2nd period, Spanish class we were taking this quiz, my teachers phone rang, she picked up, came back told us and turned the tv. I didn't believe a word, when I watched I saw bodies flying out of windows, people looking for loved ones, it hurt me alot. And just thinking about it, it hurts even more. I will never forget that day. When I got the quiz back, I made an "11" just so random that, that happened on Sept. 11th. I will keep that quiz for the rest of my life.
Gladymar | 15 | North Carolina

#1473 | Monday, July 15th 2002
I had been to an all night party, and I'm never normally up that early in the morning, but me, and my boyfriend at the time, decided just to stay up. As we were leaving our friends house, and in the car on the way home, we heard a breaking news come across the radio station, and all we heard was "We are being attacked we are being attacked!". I had no clue what was going on, but we heard the mention of planes, and I thought they were attacking everything, in the usa, and I looked to the skies, and was just looking. We sped up to 90 miles, an hour, and arrived home, and turned on the tv, to see the see the second tower get struck, by a plane. It was horrifying, and I'll never forget, how scared I was, and how vulnerable I felt. It was a day I'll never forget, and it will remain with me forever.
Trudy | 24 | North Carolina

#1451 | Monday, July 8th 2002
I was at my job at the Duke University Free Electron Laser Laboratory. The first I heard of it was when a co-worker asked me if I heard that one of the World Trade Center towers had been hit. My response was that I had not. I went to a computer where a few people were gathered watching the first tower burn. Within a minute the other tower was struck. My first reaction was that this was not an accident. I said this must be an attack.
Vernon | 44 | North Carolina

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