#661 | Friday, January 25th 2002
I was sitting in the livingroom in my dorm with some of my friends discussing a guy at our school with downs syndrom, who had caused some problems. Then suddenly, a friend of mine came running in to the living room, screaming, "turn on the radio! There's something happening in New York! World Trade Center has been crashed by a plane!" We turned on the radio and heard it, but found soon out that we needed to see it on TV. So we ran over to our school and watched the terrible events on a big screen. All the students from our school came, and we sat there all of us, worried and frightened. We were frightened of how America and George Bush would respond to this, and we were sure it would be ugly...
ingvild | 20 | Norway

#655 | Thursday, January 24th 2002
I walked towards the mess in His Majesty Kings Guard (military,Norway), when a guy came shouting to me that two planes had hit the WTC and one had just hit the Pentagon... It felt like a punch in my face, I thought "now is the time when the whole world is at war.. and I just had to be in the military this year!" I also felt like it was my own countrymenn being hit. I have had an american fiance, and I feel like an american. It was a terrible shock and I felt so bad for everyone on the planes, their families and the entire nation. "I`m glad I have my security in Jesus!" was my second thought when I first heared about the attacks...
Finn-Erik | 19 | Norway

#654 | Thursday, January 24th 2002
I was in my office when I checked out a Norwegian Net Newspaper on my computer and saw a brief article saying that a plane had crashed into WTC. I wondered how that could have happened and thought it might be terror. When the news about the other plane broke ten minutes later, I had no doubt that this was a terrorist action.
When I came home from work a couple of hours later, we rewieved all we had heard on the news on the radio and had been reading on net news during the afternoon, and could see thet it really was true.

(The first attack happened about 2.15 PM local time.)

Per | 46 | Norway

#653 | Thursday, January 24th 2002
I was at work in Stockholm, Sweden (I live in Oslo, Norway) when I was browsing the net, and messages began to pop-up about airplanes hitting the WTC. I followed the news for a couple of minutes, and told my collegues what had happened. Everybody basically dropped what they did, and started surfing the net. It got to the point that the company's server colapsed and we couldn't keep updated.

At this point I called my father in Rochester, NY. He was out in the garden and had not heard the news. He immideately turned on the TV, and he said it was not in NYC but in DC. I said no - the news were clearly sating that it was the WTC. He said no, they were showing pictures from DC on the TV. That's when i realized that someplace in DC had been hit too. It was a strange feeling.

I went to my hotel room, and turned to CNN. I called friends and family in the US, and was releived to find out that everybody was OK. My thought and prayers went out to those killed, and I still have flashbacks and thoughts about the incident that makes my heart skip a beat.

GSY | 32 | Norway

#319 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I was sitting at home, watching television, just got home from school. Suddenly, while switching to CNN, I saw something that I simply couldn't believe, there was smoke something very wrong going on at the WTC, so I kept watching and watching the live feeds all throughout the day. I called several friends, who then begun to watch as well. None of us could simply believe what had happened.
André | 17 | Norway

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