#2049 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
Where was I? In Miami Beach. there were four of us English people who had planned to travel around the East coast before returning home after a summer of fun. We had just left our hostel and were having breakfast at a small café when we looked up and saw the events in New York on the news. To start with we though it was a film, until all these builders came crowding into the café to watch. thats when we realised it wasnt a film but real life.

Going back to the hostel, everyone was in shock.The hostel was full of English and Australian people and we were all sat around the bar watching things on a tiny portable television that had appeared from somewhere. none of us could really believe what was happening.

We were booked on a flight the following day to Washington and had no more money left. We ended up staying an extra week in Miami as we couldnt get out, and spending all day every day on a a pay phone in a very dodgy area ringing the air company waiting for them to resume flying so we could leave. Our parents had to wire us money so we could stay somewhere, although my mother thought we were flying to Washington on the 11th and had fainted at work in England as she didnt know where i was.

I will never be able to forget that day and as I was in New York a week later, the images of the remains still smoking and all the missing pictures posted up will stay with me forever.

Katherine | 21 | United Kingdom

#2044 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
On Sept 11th 2001, i was in work, my colleague came in and said "the twin towers have been hit", i couldnt believe it, i turned the radio on, it was on every station, every channel on t.v, then the 2nd plane hit, in my mind i thought why and who would do something like this", to this day now, i believe that everyone all over the world will never forget this horrific day and that the people held responsible for all this pain and anguish will be brought down. I cannot help but feel for those who lost their loved ones and to the fire fighters who didnt sleep, eat or rest, also to the troops who have suffered and suffering the peace keeping, u will come home.
RIP all those who have fought for their countries, RIP America!

Kate | 21 | United Kingdom

#2023 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I woke up in my dorm at The University of Iowa for my 8:30 French class. I got down from my bunk and saw my roommate had left the television on. I watched and was horrified. I first thought it was an accident. I remember thinking about what an awful, awful plane crash there had been. It affected me right away and I immediately prayed for everyone involved. After I watched more I understood that it was in fact two planes and it was not an accident. A complete shrill of fear ran through me as I began to cry. I was 20 years old and had never experienced anything like what I was seeing or hearing. My generation has been lucky. As I packed my bag in tears and praying for New York City, America, the families of the vicitms, the victims themselves, I took a moment to pray for the cause of this tragedy. It was an erie walk to the bus stop. Silence roamed the campus. I stepped onto the bus and it is a moment I will never forget. As I walked up the stairs I heard a British broadcaster over the radio talking of the news. Everyone on the bus took a deep breath as the bus started to take off. The once noisy,hot, crowded, busy bus became silent, cold, scarey, and full of wonder. Here we all stood students of the University, the next generation of workers, parents, of all nationalities, cultures, and up-bringings. We stood together on one tiny bus with a stunned look in our eye. I was thinking that I was proud to be an American and I know we can overcome this. I was wondering what we could do all the way out in Iowa to help out. And yet another part was so very scared. It is September 11 2002 I have a French class at 8:30 and will walk the same campus and see some of the same faces. Moving on, but still remembering, never forgeting.
Megan | 21 | Iowa

#1969 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I know that I and many others wont ever forget this day. I was in my history class taking a test when a student came in and told my professor that a plane had hit the World Trade Towers. Many of my classmates turned in out tests and ran to the nearest T.V. room. When we got there the whole room was silent. There were people crying and in total shock. This day will live forever in our memories. God bless the families of the deceased and God bless the USA!!
Bre | 21 | Minnesota

#1920 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was ending a holiday in England by visiting my Gran. Myself and my 18 yr old Brother had been watching a video in the lounge when we turned on the news. To our horror we heard about the "accident" later to be confirmed as pure evilness.
We all gathered around, watching in disbeleif. One word was on our minds. Why? We watched all afternoon. When we saw the second plane strike, i began to cry. I couldnt understand why it had happened.
We were having a party that night, but i wasnt in the mood for it. I went into the Caravan and listened to the Radio all night. I had just booked my Holiday to NYC, and began to worry.
I phoned my work in Scotland, who were all aware of it, and because of our nature of work, had been put on high alert.
God bless America!

Mark | 21 | United Kingdom

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