#1105 | Sunday, March 24th 2002
It was a Tuesday like every other Tuesday. I awoke and got ready for college, which began at 11:00AM. The only news I would have heard was from when my alarm clock woke me, but I heard nothing. Around 5 minutes till 10:00AM I received a call from my father telling me two planes had ran into the World Trade Towers and a plane hit the Pentagon. At first I told him “No way,” he told me maybe I should turn on the TV and check to see if my boyfriend was ok.
At first it was just too odd for me to really comprehend what was going on and I knew I had to leave for school. I called my boyfriend’s work number and there was his voice mail, my message was basically please call me to let me know you are ok. I began on my 45-minute drive to college during this time I was trying to convince myself that my boyfriend was ok that he wasn’t in the Pentagon at the time of the crash. My mind was racing of what to do. Part of me wanted to drive pass my college and just head for his house to be there when he got home. The reasonable side of my mind said that roads might be closed and I would just end up stuck in traffic and lost. Thank God for our reasonable side.
By the time I reached my classroom I could not contain my worries and broke down into tears thinking he could have been killed or injured. I became frantic and was calmed by my professor as a fellow classmate just realized that Pentagon was hit where he father and boyfriend was working at the time.
They closed my college so I didn’t have to attend any classes that day and I continued trying to get a hold of my boyfriend or his mother. The phone lines were tied up and I couldn’t get through to either of them. Arriving home I found my father there and told me there was a message for me. It’s weird thinking back after the fact… hearing all those other messages left on machines all around the US and just to think mine was one of the lucky ones.

He told me he was ok.

I was so relieved to hear the news but still very emotional I waited to actually talk to him. To personally know he was ok. To hear his voice saying to me everything was ok. Instead I waited and watched the horror on the TV. There was a knock at my door and it was my neighbor stopping by to make sure I was ok, knowing my boyfriend works at the Pentagon. I let her know he had left me a message.
Around 6 or so (time blurred after getting home) I got a call from him. Oh I was so happy to hear his voice and wish I could have been down there to hold him.
It wasn’t till Thursday of that week till I could go see him. I didn’t tell him I was coming down and surprised him with my visit. It was nice to be in his arms again. To know he was safe. I felt it even brought us closer knowing how you might not be able even say hello to someone you love. I truly feel for all those that have lost someone on September 11th and I know our country will never be the same.

Please don’t forget to cherish those that are close to you or even strangers you encounter daily.

We are all here for a short time and in our hearts we are all Americans.


Diana | 28 | Maryland

#1089 | Thursday, March 21st 2002
I was with my wife at her doctors appointment. The due date for our son was approaching and that was all that was on my mind that day, and then we heard a nurse begin to sob. Both my wife and I had been going once sometimes twice a month to this office and had begun to get to know the nurses fairly well, so I asked her what was wrong and she said her husband might be dead and ran past us.. turns out her husband worked in the pentagon ( as many people in my area do), luckily he turne dout to be very lucky that day and survived unscathed. thy had a small television in the doctors office, however I did not get to see much of it because my wife and I were in the patients exam room hearing our sons heart beat. when we walked out of the office we saw footage of the second plane flying into the world trade centers. We reached our vehicle and I immediately turned on my favorite rock station ( 98 rock in Baltimore, Md) where the normal programming on at that time was the morning comedy team of kirk, mark, and lopez. anyone who knows this program knows that these guys normally make a joke of everything, and this time nobody wa sluaghing.. they were giving up to the minute reports on what was happening... my area was panicked.. Baltimore being so close to the d.c. area was in a state of panic, everywhere in Maryland was in a state of panic. I remember us just pulling into our driveway, and just turning on the television.. just watching the footage of the carnage in D.C. /Arlington Pennsylvania and NY.. I just kepy thinking.. what kind of a world am I bringing my first born son into?? The fact my son was born on the same day that Anthrax was realeased into the senate office building in D.C. has not made me any less concerned about the world my wife and I brought my son into. One thing is for certain, our country will never ever be the same again.
Joe | 21 | Maryland

#891 | Monday, March 11th 2002
I was sitting at my desk in a government building, when people were going around saying first the planes hit the Twin Towers, then the Pentagon. Soon after, my boss called us into his office to say, that there wasn't any way to get confirmation from Washington, and if we wanted to leave, we could and we would deal with leave slips the next day (it was 10:10 AM). Then we left his office. My desk wasn't too far and I went back to it. I was calm really (why I don't know since Oklahoma really tore me up and changed me forever especially since I work for the Federal Government), then I thought, I'd better get out of there. The parking lot is going to be a bear to get off of. Sure enough, there was a line to get out, but miraculously people were starting to show acts of kindness and letting cars get into line. I drove home with the radio on and really get scared when I heard a plane crashed in Pennsylvania (my boyfriend lives in PA, and they weren't saying what city). By the time I got home and flipped on the tv just on the oft chance my soap may be coming on, I stared at the screen and shut it off. I was like a James Bond movie then, shaken, but not stirred. To this day., I think I'm the only one who has not seen images of the planes hitting the Towers and/or the people jumping.
RJ | 48 | Maryland

#785 | Friday, February 22nd 2002
While I was driving to work at 7:15 in the morning I glanced up at the sky as I always do when I am driving in the morning, and I thought to myself, "What a beautiful day. It's almost too beautiful to be true."
And the sky was so blue. I thought to myself, "It's great just to be alive."
I still can't believe that that was my thought.

Anonymous | 59 | Maryland

#772 | Monday, February 18th 2002
I was at school when it happened. I'm thirteen years old, and I just kept thinking this can't be happening, this can't be happening.
I remember how in all of the movies, like Pearl Harbor, it would show someone writing the date, and it would be very haunting. I wrote the date. I'd thought about that. I'd written the date days before and thought, is this the day that America will be attacked, is this the day it happens?
I never thought that when I actually did write the infamous date. I'd never expected to write an infamous date. I skipped second period, hid in a stairwell, and wept.
I had never wanted to write an infamous date.

Anonymous | 13 | Maryland

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