#23 | Sunday, September 16th 2001
Driving on I-80, eastbound, through Vallejo, Calif., right as the first report of the plane striking the Trade Centre came across the radio. Then, the next strike... and for the next 14 hours as I drove to Washington, I listened to the radio, as everything unfolded.
Sean | 30 | California

#21 | Sunday, September 16th 2001
i was getting ready for school. my mother said, alicia, come here, you'll be talking about this in civics today. i said mum, we read the paper, we're not allowed to just grab things off the news. i didn't know anything about it, and i didn't know what they were talking about and why everyone was so tense and freaked out. well. i learned. i drove myself to school and tried to turn the radio dial several different times and i couldn't escape the news.
alicia | 17 | California

#16 | Sunday, September 16th 2001
as soon as i woke up, i remember that i had forgotten to take out the trash the night before, so i grabbed the wastepaper basket and went outside.

my mom was standing in our driveway, i think getting the morning papers, and she just said 'something really huge has happened,' so i followed her inside and we sat at the television watching it all unfold on the 'today show.'

kek | 16 | California

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