#425 | Monday, December 10th 2001
I was working from home on 9/11. I had just gotten my wife & kids out the door and had jumped in the shower. I got out and was drying off and glancing at the tv when I saw them broadcast the 2nd plane hitting. I pretty much spent the rest of the day glued to the tv.
Andrew | 36 | Illinois

#395 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I was driving to work when I heard it on the radio. Then when I got to work, a co-worker went home to get a small TV. We watched it all day from our desks. It was truly very sad.
CL | 36 | Illinois

#335 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
On September 11, 2001 I was on vacation on the Connecticut shore with my wife and friends. At 9 am a woman, who was sitting on the beach with headphones on, wandered over to our cottage and mention something about being the bearer of bad news. When we're at the beach there's no TV and we rarely listen to the radio. It's a place to get away from everything and we take that pretty seriously. Usually the only news I want to hear is the weather and that's what I thought she was going to discuss - the possibilty of a storm coming up. She told us that an airliner had hit the World Trade Center. We turned on the radio. We were listening to WCBS radio in New York, an all news station. As we listened the details were coming in fast but not too clear. I wandered across the lawn to another friend’s cottage to see what they knew and come back. A few minutes later reports of another plane hitting the Twin Towers came in. Now the mood changed from sorrow to horror. Somebody was doing this on purpose. Then the Pentagon, then Pennsylvania. The reports flying in, the rumors. A friend who was staying with us had an uncle who worked in the Twin Towers and a brother in law who was a rescue worker in the city. She was on the phone trying to get through to her mom and aunt. At the point when the first tower fell, I searched out a TV in the cottage next door. I saw the images, the planes hitting, the tower falling. I stood in shock as the older neighbors discussed what was happening. Eventually I left and went back to my cottage and tried to explain what I'd seen to my wife. I got a few words out and started crying. The rest of the day and the rest of the week at the beach was spent listening to the radio, discussing the who and why and what do we do now. Our friend’s uncle eventually made it home and her brother in law was heading for the site after the collapses. My dad was stuck in Ireland a few extra days and my mother in law in Arizona not to keen on flying back. Several times during the week I wandered west down the beach towards the beach. New York 80 or 90 miles away. I went to school there, had been up the Tower. So close, so many people, so many lives ruined. And so it begins.
Peter | 36 | Connecticut

#291 | Monday, November 26th 2001
I was out sick from work that day. My wife came in from taking the kids to school and told me that a plane had hit the WTC... we turned the TV on and I watched it non-stop that whole day.

When I started watching the 2nd tower hadn't yet been hit, so I saw the 2nd plane hit in real time. It was amazing and almost incomprehensible to see such incredible things happening and to know they were real and happening right then to real people.

Then hearing of the country-wide grounding of all air traffic, the Pentagon attacks and that there might be more planes up with hijackers just kept things in a state of uncertainty, yet feeling that this was really happening to *all* of us together.

My longer-term reaction would take some more time and thought... I am generally proud of how most people in the USA and the world seem to be rising against this type of action and standing together. The incredible responses from even small children or traditional enemies have brought me to tears many times, particularly things like jews standing 'watch' around mosques and walking muslims home to make sure no-one hassles them.

I hope we get the *right* people who did this, but it's important to me that we don't harm other innocents in the process.

We also have to be careful in what liberties we give up for increased security or an increased perception of security. Many of the proposals I've seen seem to be mostly law enforcement long-time wishlist items that wouldn't really affect this situation, but are being proposed under the catch-all anti-terrorist umbrella to take advantage of people's fear and desire to do something to protect themselves...

jeff | 36 | Maryland

#258 | Sunday, November 18th 2001
I was at work when the word came down that the Trade Center had been attacked. We rushed to turn on a TV and my first view was of the second plane slamming into the tower. I immediately thought that the history I had learned in school could not prepare me for the feelings that came over me, like surely so many before me, in other generations, had felt before. I had to keep telling myself to calm down, that our government and military could respond and quickly get everything that had happened and anything that might happen into control. One of the most emotional days in my life, which just so happened to fall on my birthday. Like my parent's generation of Pearl Harbor, I will always remember this day vividly. My thoughts and prayers go out to all my fellow countrymen and countrywomen, especially those that parished in the attacks, the heroes that took the plane down in Pennsylvania, and all the rescuers. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
Doug | 36 | Texas

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