#102 | Wednesday, September 19th 2001
Wednesday, September 12, 2001 8:13:37 AM
Its not been a night for sleep. Not unusual for me... I'm always up most the night. I have been going out to look down on the wreckage and ruin. All through the night one image sticks out in my mind. As I look out on the smoke pouring out of what was The World Trade Center, and now called ground zero the klieg lights creating an eerie white glow underlighting the cloud. The jagged tops of blackened buildings glimpsed through casual breaks in the blanket of smoke as the wind continues to carry the dust and smoke east over lower Manhattan. Each time I look my eye would be drawn to the clearer end of the site where a few buildings still stand around Battery Park (the section of the financial district designed by my friends Vaughan, and Anne Marie - who is from Chicopee by the way). Glad to see their work still standing I'm sure the area has sustained much more damage than meets the eye. Still something more remarkable standing there in plain view kept clear by prevailing winds just to the west of Ground Zero. I feel like Francis Scott Key when I see her standing tall in her tarnished green gown holding high her torch as if her light might guide the rescue workers as they hope to find victims. Or more to the point to give guiding light to all the many souls traveling homeward. I see even from here her slightly bowed head and her concerned and caring expression and I feel her heart. Though I see her pain and respect her solemnity I can't help but notice her strength and her pride as she seems now to stand ever taller... ever stronger. A true mother of Liberty mourning the sudden and unexpected death of her children while she looks directly into the epicenter of the catastrophe and exclaims to the world "The Children of Liberty, the meek and the mild, may have been smitten before my eyes but The Family of Liberty lives strong!" Inspired by her torch held high I placed two tall prayer candles together to replace the light from the two towers ripped from our beloved skyline. Lighting them in honor of the victims of this monstrous and senseless act of murder I noticed an immediate effect on my psyche. I then photographed them burning in my window overlooking the smoldering cloud of dust and ash rising from "ground zero". I printed it out as a flyer which I put up around town and posted on the web as a memorial called Twin Lights. After learning that I was blessed to have known about one third of the WTC MIA in happier times I was completely crushed. Finding solace under a tree near the pond in Central Park a melody came to my head inspiring me to write a song titled "Two Towers" providing both strength and inspiration to get through it all. Brian Pride

Brian | 39 | New York

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