#251 | Tuesday, November 13th 2001
When the September attack occured, I was sitting in my classroom at school when the teacher switched on the T.V and we saw a short part of the live boradcast. We were not sent home because the safest palce was considered the school. We did not watch any more news reports because they thought us too "immature" to handle that. At first, I felt confusion, then disbelief. After a while these emotions simmered to fear. I had fear or more attacks, fear of war, fear of any possible outcomes. I wound up taking forever on my homework and had to do it the next day.
Alex | 13 | Wisconsin

#115 | Friday, September 21st 2001
September 11th, 2001, the day the World Trade Center was attacked.

Where was I and what was I doing? I was in bed trying to sleep while my cell phone was ringing over and over and over again. Finally I answered it to the voice of a friend telling me the World Trade Center was gone. My reply, "yeah ok buddy, no really what do you want?” He told me to get out of bed and turn the TV, which I reluctantly did. The images displayed before me took a couple of minutes to register. At first I thought I was watching some Bruce Willis movie or something but then I saw the CNN logos and tickers and it hit me like a blast of fire.

The insurmountable loss of innocent lives and the sight of the World Trade Center burning and smoking before my eyes left me in a distant perplexed state. As I watched the news I was so disappointed in human beings as a life form. Why is it so difficult for everyone to just enjoy how great it is to be alive and to respect everyone else’s views, religions, opinions, cultures and lifestyles?

Scott | 25 | Wisconsin

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