#816 | Monday, March 4th 2002
I was in a hotel room in Birmingham, AL getting ready to leave for a training class for a new job I had taken. I was watching the last part of the news when they said they were following a breaking story about a plane crash into the WTC. When the local news went back to the Today show I wanted to see what was going on. Then, as I was getting ready to turn off the TV to leave, I saw the second plane hit. I knew this was no accident. I stood in the room stunned. I left about 10 mins later and went to where we were having class. They had already brought a TV into the room. We all watched in stunned slience as the event unfolded in front of us. We watched the towers fall. At the same time all this was going on, my daughter back home (350 miles away) was very sick and my wife was taking her to the hospital she called me on my cell phone crying that we were under attack. Neither on of us slept that night as I waited on word of my daughter we both talked on the phone while we watched the news all night.
Don | 37 | Tennessee

#803 | Saturday, March 2nd 2002
I was on my front porch waiting for my youngest brother, Jimmy, to drop off his 6 year old daughter Autumn (who was out of school sick) so I could babysit her. My mom had called my cellphone a few minutes earlier, so I took a moment to call her. Then she said those words "I already know" - Know what mom? "Terrorists attacked the World Trade Center - Daddy, Matt and I are going to Debbie's - Aunt Liz is picking us up". With my heart in my throat, I ran back into the house and tried to turn on the tv with shaking hands - and finally screamed to my boyfriend 'Marc! make this thing work!'. He did - we got Channel 2 (CBS/NY) and I saw the towers burning and started shaking from head to toe - because my younger brother Tom was on the 104th floor of Tower 1 (North Tower). He was on the phone with a client when the plane hit and said 'They bombed us again, I have to go' (he was there in 93 - his first week at Cantor Fitzgerald). That is the last we ever heard of my beautiful brother, Thomas H. Bowden, Jr., age 36.

Tommy, we miss you and will remember you always. We will make sure Sara and Alyson know what a wonderful, kind, loving man their Daddy was.

Kathy | 37 | New Jersey

#731 | Tuesday, February 5th 2002
I was at work in a Mediadesign-Team here in Zuerich, Switzerland. There i saw these unbelievable pictures on CNN simultaneously over the Web, as like we are there.

My friends an i stoped the work for this day. We couldn't believe, what we saw ...

It was the first time in my life, when I asked myself, where i am ? It was a moment of hopeless and pain.

Hansjoerg | 37 | Switzerland

#597 | Tuesday, January 1st 2002
I was in Gaza, chatting with a friend, when my phone rang. Another Palestinian friend had deep concern in his voice when he asked if I had family in Washington, DC or New York. I told him I did not, then he asked if I'd seen the news.

"No, what happened?"

Being true to his culture, he was hesitant to tell me the news then apologized for having to tell me. I hung up the phone, turned to apologize to the friend with whom I was chatting, then it rang again.

This caller was weeping, concerned about my family in New York/DC. When I told him I didn't have family there, he was relieved. I used to live 'close' to DC, and that was close enough for him.

After hanging up and trying to apologize again, the phone rang for a third time. This went on for about an hour, the final caller sobbing in fear that I had been on the phone with family in New York/DC.

Then I heard about the 'cheering in the street' video on CNN. How sad... I wish that reporter had been at my home that day to get what real Palestinians are like.

Timothy | 37 | District of Columbia

#497 | Tuesday, December 18th 2001
September 11,2001 I was setting here in my Living Room watching TV. My kids were safely at School or so I thought. The Today show was on. I was watch in Horror as the planes started chrashing into everything. (I live by an Airport.) I was crying, praying and wondering who on earth could do something like this to themselves or anyone else. I then called my husband (a truckdriver). Told him I loved him. I wanted to run to school as fast as I could and get my kids. Bring them home safe with me. Then I thought safe. All of the people that died on this aweful day thought they were safe too. So, I thought better of my instincts and left my teenage children at school. It was hard to do. But, now I see that was probably for the best as I didn't want to show them the fear that I now feel.
Shirley | 37 | West Virginia

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