#66 | Tuesday, September 18th 2001
I was on vacation in a remote part of Maine with my husband, baby and dog.

We live in Pennsylvania but we have an apartment in NYC because my husband works there.

He sometimes takes the Path train that goes under the WTC. He also takes the Newark flight to San Francisco about once a month.

I'm glad I planned our vacation as I did.

I think of the victims everyday. I ache for their families.

KC | 38 | Pennsylvania

#38 | Sunday, September 16th 2001
I am a teacher in Massachusetts. A co-worker came in and told me the news. I couldn't believe it. Another teacher had his TV on and told me the World Trade Center was gone. I felt chills throughout my body. I also had to explain things to my eighth grade special education class. Not an easy task. I also had to tell my husband who works in the airline business. It all seems like a bad dream.
Beth | 38 | Massachusetts

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