#62 | Tuesday, September 18th 2001
i was awake. wide awake. fresh from a nightmare that was frighteningly simular to what i witnessed on tv moments later. i attached myself to the tv, hoping and praying i was still in my nightmare. praying again, that maybe bruce willis or some other hollywood box office hero would swing across the screen, screaming "yippie kai yay muthah f*ckah" or something equivalent. sadly, i was awake now. and the terror of nightmares had meshed into reality. and i cried. because the glass between hollywood and reality had just shattered. because i live in a world where people are capable of such unspeakable acts. because i was thankful, right then and there, that i was alive. because things like these should only be lived in nightmares.
april | 18 | North Carolina

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