#2170 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
It was around 6 or 7am Pacific Standard Time, when my alarm clock went off and the radio came on. The two annoucers were talking about how was has happened is terrible and how this was going to change everything, this was very odd because the station only plays music. So not knowing what they were talking about i automatically turned on CNN and there were the 2 towers on fire.

I couldnt believe my eyes, i gasped and called my mom to come see and she couldnt believe it. After saying oh my god, oh my god many times i continued to watch, i had up to then only seen pictures of the towers, when they played the video of the actual second plane hitting the second tour, my eyes and mouth were as wide as possible! i burst out crying, i couldnt believe that that was caught on video, just to know that those were the last minutes of those passengers lives... its unbelieveable.

i went to work and since all planes were being diverted into Canada, all morning we saw planes heading towards our airports and then all of a sudden.... there was nothing in the air. when your used to seeing a dozen planes in the sky at once to seeing none is an eery almost unatural feeling. The whole day seemed that way.

Jo-Anne | 19 | Canada

#2142 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was at home asleep and the phone rang. It was my dad, "Get up and turn on the tv and call me back." I turned on the tv and sat on the edge of my bed in complete disbelief. This cant be true. This cant be happening. I called my dad back and as we where talking the other plane it. It was real and I started to cry. All I could think was, I need my mother. She more than 1,000 miles away and I longed for the closeness and the comfort of her voice. I made the call and the first thing she said was "I'm so glad you called." We spoke for a few minutes and she told me that she didn't no exactly what was going to happen but if all hell broke loose she was coming to get me. For the next couple of hours I watched tv and cried and I thought of everyone that I loved that was so far away. I remember getting on my knees and praying but I don't remember what I prayed or even if I said words or just let my heart and tears speak for me. I cried for myself and the people that died, I cried for their family and their friends, but mostly I cried for the uncertainty that this event had provoked.

Today marks the one year anniversary and my feelings haven't changed much. I'm still very emotional and my thoughts are with my loved ones so far away, but my sadness and grief are not for my self because I have proven strong through all of this. My sadness and grief are not longer for this country because it has proven strong throughout this last year. My sadness and grief are for the ones that lost. They lost loved ones and the lost the remarkable towers.

I think everyone should show their pain openly and they should mourn but don't forget that we made it through this. We've continued and we will never forget this huge event in our lives. I hope everyone is as proud to live in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Find comfort in yourselves and in your strength and then comfort those that know not the way.

Bless everyone!!!!

Roxanne | 19 | Texas

#2107 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was starting my second week of college. My mom called me before I went to my math class and said that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. I turned on the news and thanked God that I wasn't there. I was at the World Trade Center the November before. It was too creepy.
Blair | 19 | Indiana

#2102 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was in an microeconomics lecture at the University of Maryland (less than 10 miles from DC). Our professor began class by telling us that the towers had been struck, we all thought it was the begining of an example of supply and demand or what not. But, he explained further and told us we can leave if we wanted. Not knowing the full scope of the situation I stayed for the lecture. After leaving the lecture hall, I was walking back to my dorm when I started hearing all the rumors about more planes hijacked still in the sky, the Pentagon being struck, the State Dept being car bombed, the Washington Monument burning... I have several family members who work in the Pentagon and I called and called but I couldn't get through. It was the most horrible terrifying experience in my life, being so unsure of what was happening. It really hit me hard when the F-16s flew over and realized that our "superpower" of a nation was so vulnerable.
Ryan | 19 | Maryland

#2057 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
... I was on my way to college... a pitstop on my road to my own life. I went to bed late that night on 9/10. I ended up waking up late as usuall 10:30ish pacific time.. no one had thought to wake me. I walked out with a smile on my face and prepared to start a new day. I found myself looking across a room of my family infront of the tv. My Grandmother was in tears, and at a loss for words, save for "how could this happen". My father stared wordlessly at the tv, and I stood there, and felt nothing but numbness, disbelief. Still a year later it hasent sunk in. Todays media has us desensitized to this sort of thing. So I guess as a sophmore in college now... I am waiting to wake up for my freshman year, in a world where this didnt happen.
Nathan | 19 | Washington

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