#2410 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was asleep in downtown Olympia, Washington when my best friend August called me from Florida. He was frantic on the phone. "A plane has hit the World Trade Center! They hijacked a plane and hit the Pentagon too! One of the towers fell on the other! I'm scared! I'm right next to NASA and they might hit that too!!"

This was what I woke up to on September 11, 2001.

"What?" I couldn't believe it. I got off the phone with August and turned on the radio. Every station had the same news. I heard Peter Jennings trying to describe the scene in New York and he stopped in mid-sentence. "Oh my god...." he said, "The second tower has fallen.."

I don't have a television hook up so I went down the street to the Spar, a restaurant/bar. I knew they had tv's in the bar and they would be open early for breakfast...I walked right to the back and the televisions were all on. Everybody was quiet and transfixed. A couple sat at the bar embracing each other.

The waitresses ushered people to the bar and served breakfast there underneath the tv's.

Everything felt historic about that day. It still does.

David | 23 | Washington

#2324 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I'll never forget where I was on 9-11-01. I was at home in Kentucky. I had been doing laundry all morning and was about to take a break and watch Judge Judy. When I turned on the t.v. all I saw was news about the planes that hit the Twin Towers. I thought that it was just a freek accident. I couln't believe this was happening to us! I've seen this kind of stuff happen oversea's. But now we were the target. I mostly felt scared all day and numb. I didn't know what to do. I was thinking that this is the end of the world.
After I watched the news about an hour, I went to my moms house where we watched the tv together. As soon as my sisters came home from school, they said, "did you see what happened in New York?" I couldn't believe that the teachers let them see it on the t.v. but everyone has different views of that. We still talk about it all the time. We are beginning a scrapbook about 9-11. It's a good way to begin the healing process and it's lets my younger sisters find out more and learn why it happened.
That's where I was.

Lisa | 23 | Kentucky

#2234 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was driving back to work to pick up a delivery I had left behind. I was at the end of the street with Radio 1 on listening to Mark and Lard. The rest of the show had an obvious yet uncharactaristic somber air to it. It felt strange. I didn't know really what to make of it. I told them all at work about it and called a few friends to tell them to keep me posted on the events as I would be driving around all day and be in and out the car all day.
J. | 23 | United Kingdom

#2216 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I gave birth to my first child 2 months before the tragedy. I remember waking up because she was sleeping later than usual. I came out to the living room and turned on the news and saw the first tower in flames. It had just been hit. My daughter woke up and my husband came into the living room with her and together we watch in horror as the second tower was hit and then collapsed moments later. All we could think about were all those people whose families were, in a single moment, torn apart. Two hours after the second tower collapsed, my daughter smiled for the first time. It was a sign that we would all make it throught this awful time.
Melissa | 23 | Virginia

#2206 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I had just stumbled out of bed and turned on the TV. I saw what I thought was a smoke stack from a factory pouring out black smoke into the atmoshpere. When I changed the channel, I saw the same image- and the the same on the next channel. I realized something was wrong. Minutes later the second plane crashed into the tower. I didn't know what to think. I haven't experienced the trama many people have in this. I pray that America turns to God for answers.
Jason. | 23 | Georgia

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