#2163 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was on my way to work worried about being late, pissed at the idiot going too slow, etc. I tuned into FM radio to hear the news of the attacks. Immediately thought it was a " war of the worlds' type and only truly believed it when I tuned into an AM station. I looked into the faces of other drivers on the way to work looking for acknowledgement of the change, I saw none. When I arrived at work, dispair and uncertainty was the prevailing mood. "The only I knew how to do was to kepp on keeping on". A women could not find some t-shirt with a pocket and some special collar( I work at a retail store.) she was saying how bad life was because of it. I simply told her that life could be alot worse with out reminding her of the tragedy that had occurred hours before. What ever obstacles are thrown in our paths there is always someone gliding over bigger and more treachorous ones.
John | 40 | Florida

#2074 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
Today marks one full year since an act of cowardice and terror, shock this nation and the world. All around I see indications that even now many are losing touch with the emotions of that day and the days that followed! And while it is a tribute to our resilience I pray that it does not go so far as to weaken our resolve, There are many who view today as an ending an epitaph to the events of a year ago, But I believe that we should let it serve as a beginning for real change, not rebuilding but building anew striving to make a difference here and abroad, to change the face of the globe in such a way that we become not only "One Nation under GOD" but "One World under a GOD who is to all people, a God of Love and Compassion, and that we in that spirit unite as a global community to put right the wrongs and Injustices that plague the globe. To change the culture of the people of this world so that no nation may be a safe haven for those that would spread terror and oppression.

I pray that we all will continue to remember the events of September the eleventh and allow them and the memories of those lost and the heroic effort of many to fuel or resolve to the end of our days.

Steven R. Williams

Steve | 40 | Colorado

#2062 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
i was off from work that day, and was in the red bank, new jersey public library. i did not have a radio with me, and i was inbetween my home and the library when the attack started.
when i had gotten to the library, the attacks had started, and some of the computers that they have there have streaming audio and video.
i had heard the librarians talking amongest themselves. having my interest peeked, i had asked one of the librians,
'excuse me, but did i miss something?'
'you mean you haven't heard?'
'heard what?'
well that was how i had gotten the first reports.
there is a small park next to the library building, and i had gone outsid e to smoke a cigarette. looking toward the direction of new york, because i am only three or four miles from new york city, if you draw a striaght line.
i rememeber thinking, gee that is a low lying cloud. then i was then that i realized that i was the smoke from the fires.

lee | 40 | New Jersey

#1964 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was in a superstore, when I saw the images of the smoke in Manhattan. I asked what was happened and they answered that WTC was collapsed. "OH, MY GOD! How many people died?" I thought. There are no words to say the pain, the fear and the wrath for what we were looking!
A prayer for all the victims.

Massimo | 40 | Italy

#1937 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
On 11th september 2001 it was my 40th birthday. That paled into insignificance when i watched the news unfold before my eyes. Remembering always.
karen | 40 | United Kingdom

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