#1664 | Wednesday, September 4th 2002
As September 11th approaches I find myself reliving that day. Just images flash through my mind then...I remember how devastated I felt. Even now it is hard to write this down. I didn't know any of those thousands killed, injured or left to grieve. They were my countrymen, God's children and I was grieving along with the rest of America. To say I was shocked is almost to small a word to cover the multitude of feelings running through my body and mind.

Like most of my countrymen I was going through my regular routine, I don't usually turn on the TV until much later in the day, however my brother-in-law called and said to turn on the TV we were being attacked. I laughed at him and said that was a rude way to start the day, then he said it wasn't a joke. I turned on the TV and couldn't believe what was happening. As I watched a second plane flew by (I thought) then heard that it had hit the other tower...I just kept praying and crying. How could someone do this? What kind of person is capable of this?

Then my husband, a veteran of another war, gently took my hand and said a prayer for all of us. He knew it wasn't the end only the beginning, how right he was.

As we watched the rest of the day I left the ironing, washing and cooking go by the wayside, this was more important. I called the Red Cross that night and set up an appt to give blood the following day. A small thing to do, but it was something. Like most Americans that day I needed to feel like I could help.

We went to Church and prayed with our friends and family, that those lost that day and their families would be consoled by our heavenly Father. We called family and friends to tell them how much we loved them and then held on to each other as we realized how much our world had changed.

This September 11th I am tying a purple ribbon around my trees in remembrance and our Flag is still flying (1 year now), we will be saying prayers and of course we will remember.
God Bless the USA

Suzie | 48 | Oregon

#1520 | Sunday, August 4th 2002
I had just refreshed myself ,after taking a shower. I am a RN and work the night shift, 7pm to 7am. I had just sat on the bed to watch the Today Show and during the interview about a book on Howard Hughes, Matt Lauer interrupted stating a fire at the WTC. I switched to CNN and much to my horror, I witnessed the attack on the second Tower. I then realized it was no accident. I could not sleep that day and had to report back to work @ 7pm.
Eric | 48 | Pennsylvania

#1124 | Wednesday, March 27th 2002
Where was I,on Sept 11th,2001?My husband and I woke a little after 9am,as our normal routine,I put on the coffee,my husband took out our dog,as he walked out the back door,I clicked the TV on as I did every morning,never forgetting this heart felt day,I saw what was to believed a horrible accident,involving a plane crash into the World Trade Centre Building,I sat praying for all the people and there loved ones to help get them thru this day,then in an instant the 2nd plane crashed,I ran to the kitchen yelling as my husband came in the back door,that we are being attacked,he just looked at me,untill he saw what I saw,we sat almost all of the day,hardly able to even talk,I went into work at 3pm,I work at a local supermarket,the air was filled with almost total silence,you could hear a pin drop,the only sounds to be heard was the cash registers,from the few custoers who had found it necessary to shop.
It was a day in my life that I will never forget,my heart will be filled with such grief,as many other Americans,that there could be such hate.Inexcuseable,evil,vicious hate,may God help me and everyone who lived thru this day,and may God help those who have forever lost a loved one.It is past the time that we Americans,take greater care of our county,freedom,and our land,we need to curve all the worries of the rest of the world.We need to be first and formost,always and forever.May God somehow give us all peace and someday forgiveness.

M. | 48 | New Jersey

#1087 | Wednesday, March 20th 2002
I had returned a rental car downtown by 8 a.m., and decided to walk home. I was walking south on State Street enjoying the warm morning sun and just enjoying the nice morning. At 26th St., I came upon the World War II Memorial that was recently erected. I had glanced at my watch and it was about 8:45 a.m. I walked around the memoria, touching and feeling the marble and the etchings of names and figures. I could feel turmoil inside me and I felt angry that so many people had died. I was also reminded of the other wars, and I told myself I hated war and all the destruction and hurt that comes with it. I said a short prayer that nothing so traumatic would happen ever again. Little did I know what had happened not so far away that changed our lives forever. When I got home, I turned on the television and couldn't believe what I saw. I retraced my morning and where I was at 8:46 a.m. I had been at the monument feeling what I could about the ravages of war, praying it would not happen again and a new war was just beginning. The rest of the day I spent at work, driving around and absorbing the shock and disbelief.
Peggy | 48 | Pennsylvania

#1085 | Wednesday, March 20th 2002
I live on the west coast and I received a phone call from my mother as I was getting ready for work. She said I needed to turn on the television right away, so I did. What greeted me was such a horrible site. Both of the World Trade towers were on fire. I was stunned and remember myself saying "Oh my God" over and over. We stayed on the phone with each other even though neither of us spoke. After a few more moments, I hung up and called my boss, a principal at a local high school. I thought he might want to deal with what was happening with our students. After speaking with him, I woke my 17-year old daughter and had her come watch with me. She was frightened and very saddened that anyone could purposely cause the devastation we were witnessing. I watched as though glued to the TV until after the second tower fell. By then, the news was getting worse and worse. I couldn't believe my ears or eyes when I heard that the Pentagon had been hit. And what about those brave souls aboard the jetliner over Pennsylvania? At that point, I had to finish getting ready for work and my daughter got moving to get ready for school. Once I arrived at work, my oldest daughter (away at college) called. The college had been closed and she was very frightened. We spoke for a while and then said good-bye. She continued to call throughout the day. We kept a TV on in the school office so people could keep up with what's happening. We also called the entire student body (240 kids) together to talk about it and reassure them that they would be all right. I continue to watch and read whatever I can regarding September 11, 2001. I didn't lose anyone dear to me, I'm not faced with it everyday and I don't even know anyone who lives in New York, but I feel a strange kind of kinship with the rest of the people in the country. If anything, this devastating attack has hardened my resolve that America is the greatest country on Earth and that her people have the most generous hearts.
I have always been patriotic, flown my flag and supported our peacekeeping efforts. That hasn't changed. My dad was in the Navy for 20 years and my brother served for two years. My uncles and grandfather were Navy men too and my nephew is currently serving in the Marines.
I have found that I donate to more causes than before 9/11/01. I have donated money, coordinated a blood drive at our school and just feel a bigger responsibility to the human race as a whole. After all, hundreds, no thousands, of people gave their lives trying to prevent others from dying, trying to save others simply because it was their job (or because that was their nature) and/or just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Giving material things doesn't feel like it's enough, but I know that doing my job and living my life is necessary for the recovery of our nation.
My biggest fear is that people will forget the way they felt upon witnessing what happened in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. I would like to see what happened put in front of people often so they always remember, so they appreciate what we've been blessed with in America and so our children can tell their children what this country is all about.
At times I feel great anger and at other times I feel overwhelming sadness. My hopes and prayers go out to all the families that lost loved ones and to the friends and lovers who are now trying to deal with the huge void in their lives that losing a loved one creates. I wish I could give them strength, but can only hope that they find comfort in the fact that so many are thinking of them and praying for them.
May we never have to experience such devastation again. God bless us one and all.

Pam | 48 | California

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