#1992 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was at home & sleeping in when I was awoken by the phone ringing. It was my wife calling from her place of employment to tell me to turn on the television & watch because there was an apparent terrorist attack on the WTC.Upon hearing that I woke up real quick turned on our TV set & proceeded to watch events unfold before my eyes that had me literally gapeing with dropped jaw. I'm sure that like many fellow Americans my mind at first really could'nt grasp what I was seeing but in time the reality of it all sank in.As proud Americans both my wife & I are pleased to see how America as a nation united & worked together to get through this terrible,never to be forgotten tragedy! God bless Americas heros & citizens!
Len | 49 | Pennsylvania

#1888 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was commuting to a meeting for my department that we were having outside our office. We were to meet several hours. I was minutes from the meeting site when the radio news came through that a plane had hit the first tower. I went in thinking that this was an accident. I told the lady who was preparing for the meeting the news and we chatted nonchalantly. Our boss drove up but sat in his car for a few minutes then came in to tell us the second tower had been hit and all reports were that it was not an accident. He turned on the TV in an adjecent room to the meeting room and we began to watch the events unfold. We tried to begin our meeting and one person monitored the TV. When the towers began to fall, he called us back to the TV. We finally assembled around our meeting tables to discuss what to do next. Our Christian Ministry, FamilyLife, produces a daily radio program that is heard on 700+ stations. We prayed and wondered what should be done as a response. I had spent 20+ years in ministry and I told the group that when a crisis hit families, and words are impossible to find; I had learned that prayer was always appreciated. The boss called people and began the process of lining up several people to call and record prayers for our nation. Those prayers were sent to our distributor and to the stations that carry our program.
I returned to the office to check on others that were still at work. Tuesday and Wednesday, I focused on helping others cope with the enormity of the events. Thursday, I could do nothing but read and listen to the news--it hit home in my heart and life. I wondered what would happen to my life, my family, and the future. My prayer is that we will not forget as we have done so often in our nation's history. God bless America and bless you.

Mike | 49 | Arkansas

#1886 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was teaching at Walton-Verona High School in Northern Kentucky. My student aide came in at the beginning of my planning period and told me the World Trade Centers had been attacked. My eyes were glued to the TV for the remainder of that period. It was interesting to listen to the concerns of the students in our building (GRADES 7-12). One little 7th grade boy was worried that they may attack Disney World. Some of the "cool" freshmen could not understand how this disaster might have an effect on them. The seniors-----they were worried, nervous and scared. I believe they were thinking about having to go to war. I live near the Greater Cincinnati Airport and it was so strange not to see or hear any planes. The church across the street from my house was a shelter to some passengers who could not leave the area when the airport was closed. I will always remember where I was on this day just like I vividly remember where I was when JFK was shot--my 5th grade classroom.
Rhonda | 49 | Kentucky

#1776 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I was at work and a coworker came by to tell a plane hit the Twin Towers. I thought it was a terrible joke..I ran to the TV room in time to see the second plane hit.
While the TV recapped all the events that just occurred I looked at all my coworkers who crammed into the TV room. I looked at their faces while they were seeing life change before them. I thought at this moment," We were being attacked by land..WORLD WAR III had occurred." I was in shock. War had come to us and we would now have to protect ourselves.
My thoughts went to my children who were in school. I was wondering if that they were safe and what plans I needed to make to get them.I heard there were more planes in the air uncounted for. I wonder if Tallahassee would be hit because the President Brother was here, Jeb Bush.
My thoughts went to the people who were hurt and injured...I could not imagine how NY would handle all those people who were hurt.Not realizing that the building would crumble before my eyes.
That people would be lost forever that day.
I was in horror seeing my fellow Americans running to save their lives, running over the bridge.And when the buildings crumbled, I was in absolute horror.All those people trapped and hurt. Fireman, police, emergency workers..all trapped, dead, and missing.
I thought that I could hurt no more, cry no more until they pulled out the fireman's Priest's body pulled out. Then seeing the people holding pictures and signs up looking for their lost relatives..
My heart broke in pieces that day. Those people, anyone of them , could have been me. I felt their anguish, their terror, their sadness and grief.I prayed to the Lord to give them strength to cope through this horror.
I thought about the day Japan invaded Pearl Harbor and wondered if my mother felt this same way and wondered what she thought seeing this in the last year of her life.
Now after a year later, after we recovered everyone we could, we rebuilt the Pentagon, and give homage to all the brave AMERICANS who lost their lives. We are now talking about attacking Iraq.
I pray that our leaders will act cautiously. I don't want another mother, dad, brother , sister, husbands or wives, experience a loss like this extend every again.
I don't have the answers to make these terrorists pay. I do know that on September 11, 2001, a piece of my heart was permanently broken..
May God Bless America!!

Phyllis | 49 | Florida

#1293 | Saturday, May 18th 2002
I was up, preparing to head out for an appointment with my doctor. I had the tv on, listening to Today, as I dressed. The report came that there was a fire at the WTC, that it was thought a plane had crashed into it. I called my mother in Florida and told her to wake up and switch on her tv, that she wouldn't believe what was going on in NYC. The worst was coming and no one knew it, until the second plane hit and I sat down, quietly on a chair and stared - thinking " oh, my God...we are under attack. " I hurried to my appointment and scurried home. One tower had fallen. I was watching, not wanting to believe it and my phone rang - my Heartsound calling, thank God. I was crying, asking " how much is enough ? " Then, the other tower fell and then I couldn't speak. Horror had replaced whatever disbelief I was feeling. The continuing story worsened and I ached for those on the planes, in NYC, in DC and the loved ones of those whoe perished - and knew that the devastation, death and agony would somehow be rationalized as " the US had it coming " in some parts of the globe. I had to think beyond that - to ache for those gone, the survivors, their families and for all of us who aged that day. Now, nine months on, we stand and we have endured every emotion
imaginable. Am I angry ? Yes, who wouldn't be angry ! Yes, Mr. BinLaden, you pulled off a massive attack, but your motives were self-serving. You did what you set out to do, but it had nothing to do with good and righteous living. It was one mans' will, not Allahs'. I don't know what life has in store for you, but know this - you failed. We stand, Mr. BinLaden, we stand.

Deborah | 49 | Indiana

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