#918 | Monday, March 11th 2002
Thirteen years before 9/11, I had experienced a natural gas explosion in a furnace room two floors above where I was working. As the concussion hit, my instantaneous thought was that an airplane had stuck our building. Then I thought it had only broken the sound barrier just above us. Then we heard the thunder of footsteps and screaming in the stairwell outside our area. On 9/11, when I finally realized what I was hearing on the radio was real news, I was instantly "there", only instead of several dozen people running down, it was thousands. Instead of only two men burned, but still alive and recovered, thousands were dead. In a very small way, I was connected to that vast horror.
Linda | 53 | Washington

#482 | Saturday, December 15th 2001
DECEMBER 15,2001

I am steamed!


If I had a child that Struck another child because he was Realy jelous, I would teach the one who was getting smacked, that the other had nothing
and never to boast, or flaught what he had,that which made the other feel that way

I would put that child into the shoes of the other child so that he would understand where this child was coming from.
Or else,....he would have it no more, as well,.... I would take that Item away & perhaps Later, after I spoken with the child that did the smacking.
I would teach the Other child, the harm his behavior will get him somewhare else,.... Down the road of life, and Explain that If he too,
would try to gain that Item, through the use of good efforts and behavior,...... he would achieve having it, as well as the other child.
I would do all in my power and means to make this happen,for this child.

But here now, If a Child was already taught and had every oportunity to do good and did not, and smacked this child out of Just wanting to get his point accross,.... I would Smack him Quicky on the Butt and hard, and again in my loving voice, expain, why he got this spanking, he would be told that he needs to explain to me, why, he did it after he was told to opolizise, to the injured.
Forced to exlian, If he could not,...... I would find a creative child psycologist, Friend, Preist, or Doctor, to see if the child had other hostilities or Problems.
Hopefully this can resolve the problem.
Now after I learn that the Child just did it because it felt like it, and that was all...He would be Grounded untill he could see that it was wrong.

ONLY AFTER HE CONFESED IT WAS WRONG, HE WOULD STILL REMAIN GROUNDED, So that he had time to never, EVER, Forget, the Lesson he had just Learned.

Now then,, If He Did it AGAIN.......He would either be in a reformaitory School, Or a hospital, or on Medication, or in jail!

Now , if Osama and the Muslems think that it is ok,...... and spend Hours attempting to Justifiy something obviosly Wrong, then They were in the wrong to begin with.

Again, He is a Grown man,.... And reponsible for his actions.
He has killed someone, He has KILLED MANY ALREADY, AND THERE would be Way I would allow more killed, If it ment giving up all that I had, to save my Freedoms of Choice, or let Other's who thought this was ok, without putting my 2 centsworth, in.
If he were not punshed, MORE will DIE IF HE DIDN'T CORRECT PUBLICALY, AND EVERYWHERE, THAT HE WAS WRONG, he would die imedately.AFTER HE DID ADMITT, (hAA-hAA)Be it Prison with NO VISITORS AT ALL
OR ANYWHERE ON THIS PLANTET EARTH,I still would lock him up and never again ever allow him to see anopther human being ever,Let him pee in a hole and let him wonder what the weather is like outside, feed him through a Door Never speaking about him to anyone ever and never speak With or to hiom again.
Forgit he is there and tel no one where he is No matter what may happen.
If there was hrricane comming Then shoot him dead before it comes Never take the chance he will ever get loose again ever.....Rid the air that he breaths once and for all He dosent deserve it I dont care who he knows or haow rich he is.
If he dubble crossesses us again, which he already has, I would kill them all FOR, They Know the difference between right & Wrong!
They had already been taught, Surley this will teach him now,..... his and their wrongs were their final Choice, And IT WILL, Absolutly NOT be tolorated!
If WE let him off IN ANY WAY,
"ALL will never take anything ever Serously again."...Give Him and Inch and he WILL TAKE A THE EARTH AND UNIVERSE,AS WE KNOW IT,....AWAY!
HE IS WRONG! He MUST pay the consiquences.

Nuke them all, before we end up with Many, Many, Many, Many more, Bin ladin's and Saddamm Hussains, and Atta's!
Dead children every where!
All of Life,Dead everywhere?.......No!
No Tolorance to evil,......Never...... We American's, absolutely, Must Grow some new skin! Nukes are Serious Busness, And if Mr. Bin ladin has negotiated a spot for himself amungst the Drug and Oil poducing Nations, with small OR LARGE KICKBCKS, from other unaware little Countries, then look out for Real World War Three that will be fast and sure, and Planet Earth will be a BIG BLACK HOLE IN THE UNIVERSE.
I wanna Know Just what All Mr. Bin Ladin has done, so far,..... That is... Our Goverment, must Know, Before he Dissapers and fades away from our days
which I must add, WE SHOLD NEVER, Ever, For LIFES FUTURE SAKE, Ever, be brought up agin.....Ever!
Why teach any more Bad and Allow Evil, to become a DISEASE, to Our Children?

No second chances,...........For any repeded,...... Liers!

Mary | 53 | Ohio

#362 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I was taking 9 year old daughter to school when a colleague called on my cell phone. I thought he was returning my call in which I was asking him about the reliability of a certain contractor. All he said was “Are you watching TV?” I said no, I was in my truck. He explained that an airplane had flown into one of the Trade Center towers, and that another had just hit the second tower. I remarked to my daughter that those planes were likely loaded with people, that this was a bigger disaster than we could imagine at the moment. I told her that she would remember this moment for the rest of her life. I went to work painting a door for a lady. She had the TV on and we watched the towers collapse. Then word came of the Pentagon attack. It occurred to me that we were really under attack, and I wondered if we, as a nation, would have the stomach to pay back whoever was doing this. I still wonder. Thank God we have a president who is resolute. The people who did this, and all their friends and all their families, should be wiped off the face of the earth.
I knew it would no be long before the “Blame America First” crowd would pipe up. Those who say we brought this on ourselves. I guess, since they are so full of hatred for the country they live in that this is a natural response, maybe their way of regaining their equilibrium after such a shock (assuming the loss of life shocked them at all). Their negative letters and editorials started appearing in the papers before the bodies were cold. When people ask me how could these terrorists be so full of hatred, so indifferent to the suffering of innocent people, I tell them it’s not so hard to imagine. We can find the same hatred and indifference in the political left in this country, the ones who say we brought this day on ourselves.

Pat | 53 | Iowa

#324 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I was attending an EAL ("Everybody's a Leader") meeting at work. I'm a social worker for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Someone came in and announced that the WTC had been hit by an airplane. After pursuading the meeting leader to plug in a TV and switch to a news channel, we witnessed planes flying into the WTC. At first I thought the planes were foreign military aircraft and we were under attack. After a few moments I realized there were domestic commercial airplanes. But, unfortunately, we were still under attack. We were all in shock.
William | 53 | Kentucky

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