#339 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I work for the Big Three in Detroit, Michigan.

While doing the days work, my cube pardoner was checking his pager for news, when he commented that a airplane had flown into one of the New York World Trade Towers. At that moment, I though it was just a small piper type of airplane. Moments latter someone had turned on a TV to one of the news channels and we could see what was going on.

It just didn't seem real. How could it happen? What was going on? Was this real? Too many questions that didn't have any answers.

But then all of a sudden, before our eyes another airplane hit the other tower. Two airplanes hitting both towers, incomprehensible. Again, how could it happen and what was going on? Then a report of the Pentagon being hit with yet another airplane. This was beginning to become too real, but still did not make since why anyone could deliberately do such a thing? What was to be next? Why destroy so much? Why use commercial passenger airplane with people on board? These structures are part of the world business centers, all of the people who were in the buildings. Why? The questions didn't seem to have any good answers.

There was nothing else for me to do but make coffee. Keep the coffeepot in my area going. A few hours latter, management sent us home.

Afterwards answers came slowly.

What was to come in the future would come more slowly.

Where do we draw the line? What is the difference between terror and a bully?

How will we/our country deal with this? How will the world deal with this? How will the terrorist deal with this? What will be the retaliation to terrorism?

W. Kirk Crawford

W. | 56 | Michigan

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