#574 | Monday, December 24th 2001
As with many people going about their daily routines on that fateful day, I was at work. I am a dialysis nurse. To pass the time of day while on the dialysis machine, my patients often watch tv. One of the patients was turning channels to find something to watch, when he suddenly called for me to " come here". I naturally thought there was something medically wrong. When I reached his side he turned his tv around so that I could see and he stated "Look at this." I did not immediately realize what I was viewing, but I did notice that the patient had the tv turned to CNN. It was then I saw a plane going towards a tall building. I still did not realize that this was a " real" event taking place,I thought it was a movie. I pulled up a stool and sat there watching tve tv while the patient began to explain what was happening. As we sat there watching the ongoing coverage, I noticed that there was what appeared to be firemen spraying water on the already burning building from the first plane. Suddenly from what seemed to be coming from out of nowhere, was a second plane crashing into the building. I suddenly realized, in a state of shock and anger, that this was no accident. Once the supposed "suspect(s)" were announced, I immediately wanted to have the country or countries supporting these guys to be bombed off the face of the earth. That feeling lingered for quite a while. Unlike Desert Storm, where I was afraid that someone I personally knew would be going to war and I hpoed and prayed that he wouldn't go, I decided that if I was needed for this war I would go myself. Sometimes I feel that the Government is not moving as fast as they need to remedy this situation, I still feel like they are trying their best. JUST KEEP THE PEOPLE INFORMED !!
Debra | 38 | Arkansas

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