#2342 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was on my sofa tying my shoes and getting ready for school,my mom was watching good morning america when both my mom and I heard Diane sowyer say" Oh, my god a plane just hit one of the world trade center towers" about a cople minutes later" good now i think I see a plane coming in to poor water on the building... yes its coming... Wait a minute Another plane crashed in to another world trade tower." That was when I knew that we were going to war! were ever you were I hope the Highjakers know that that did nothing to us. Sure alot of greving but, we are never SCARED!

Alexandra | 12 | Florida

#2333 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
Most kids my age were in school the morning of Tuesday, September 11th, 2001. Unlike then, i was homeschooled at the time and sleeping in as usual. My cat had gone in the night before be get surgery. I was to wake up by 10 so i could go with my Mom to pick him up. By 8:50am my Mom ran in my room as i was sleeping and told me to get up and that something had happened. i wasn't quite awake so she walked back out to the living room, called my now [ex] step dad to tell him what had happened. Just before i walked out of my room, my Mom was still on the phone with him and watched as the second plane hit south tower. I walked out to watch with her. About an hour later we had to leave to pick up my cat and just before me left my Mom was in the bathroom and i was watching the news only to find out that the Pentagon was hit. i screamed from the living room to my Mom in the bathroom what had happened then. For from reason she wasn't all that shocked.

We left by then and picked up my cat. On the way home she had the radio on and we listened as it came threw that north tower had collapsed. Soon after i was home and watched on tv as south tower collapsed as well.

For the next week or so, CNN was never off our tv. it stayed on all night and day until everything died down.

As annoying as tv is making the story, i still wont ever forget. i didn't lose anyone but i feel many other peoples pain well and it hurts me as well.

RIP 9-11 victims. May you sleep painless.

Jamie | 17 | Florida

#2298 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
Hi my name is Brittney! I remember where I was on 9-11-01. When I was first told I was half asleep and I really didn't give it any attion and I went back to sleep. Then when it really hit me I stared balling. I was crying so hard and I didnt stop till i fell asleep. I went to school today and some of students were like paying it no attion and acted like it was any other day. I wanted to cry because I dont know where my dad lives and he could have been in the towers. Everytime I start to think about it i want to cry. I think how could anything like that happen to America. But God has a porpus for everything that happens. thank you for listening to what I have to say.
Love in Christ Brittney

Britney | 13 | Florida

#2163 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was on my way to work worried about being late, pissed at the idiot going too slow, etc. I tuned into FM radio to hear the news of the attacks. Immediately thought it was a " war of the worlds' type and only truly believed it when I tuned into an AM station. I looked into the faces of other drivers on the way to work looking for acknowledgement of the change, I saw none. When I arrived at work, dispair and uncertainty was the prevailing mood. "The only I knew how to do was to kepp on keeping on". A women could not find some t-shirt with a pocket and some special collar( I work at a retail store.) she was saying how bad life was because of it. I simply told her that life could be alot worse with out reminding her of the tragedy that had occurred hours before. What ever obstacles are thrown in our paths there is always someone gliding over bigger and more treachorous ones.
John | 40 | Florida

#2154 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was working and writing an email to my brother when someone in the office said that one of the towers had been hit by a plane. We all ran into the kitchen where there was a TV and just stared in disbelief. Then we saw the 2nd plane and then later the tower collapsed and we were all in shock.

Today, I remember all who fell and those they leave behind. God Bless you.

Shirley (and Eric) Reul

Shirley | 37 | Florida

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