#629 | Sunday, January 13th 2002
I live in France near Paris, I am 31 yo.

That day, when I got off my bed toward lunch time, I immediately turn my computer on (usually it is the TV srt, but not that day), (...)

When I came out of the bathroom, I start to surf on the web and finally went on a gothic chat.

At one moment, one of the chatter told the group that a plane crashed in the WTC (as he used to be the one who always joke in the area, nobody believed him)...

Suddenly, a friend sent me a private message : turn your TV on immediately !

I asked him : on which channel ?

He replied : on any channel, it doesn't mat' !!

At this moment, my heartbeat went crazy.

I start to feel weird (no exact word to explain that)..

I had switched the TV on, and I saw strange images..

At first I imagined it was the making of of a new film, but it was on the whole channels !!! The same things, the same images, the same talk, the same words, the same..

I returned on my chat with my friends.

THere was almost nobody then on our chat.

We were all searching words through our emotion, through this unspeakable situation, it was like science fiction, it was so unreal..

My hands were shaking with indignation after the crash of the second plane, cos at this moment it was not an accident anymore... NO !

And the phone began to ring (all day long)...

And I saw the image of the Pentagone..

At this moment, on the screen I saw a frightening message, somebody has written : IT IS WAR !!

(sorry i have to stop now, my hands start to tremble again 4 months after)

I cannot find the words again.......

C. | 31 | France

#337 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
At the moment of the first airplane crash, I was working at a client site in Paris, France.

I received the news through an assistant at 15:15. I accessed the web and found most sites were difficult to reach. I finally got initial information about the event on non-US news sites. First plane may have been an accident but the second plane obviously pointed to terrorism. When I heard that the twin towers had crumbling, I was shocked.

I am sorry for the families of the victims. I support the elimination of the terrorism threat through the use of the military.


Robert | 42 | France

#88 | Wednesday, September 19th 2001
I was waiting to meet the French President Jacques Chirac. He was visiting Rennes.
Then at 3:45 pm (local time), a policeman came and said us that the President was going back in Paris. We were very surprised and ask Why ? He says... a terrible attack on the USA...
Then I run in my car to listen the radio... it was incredible !

Alexandre | 23 | France

#69 | Tuesday, September 18th 2001
I was at work in my office in Paris when I got a special flash through on my computer. I immediatly got onto internet and saw the first pictures of the first plane. Then I tried to get onto CNN internet site but it was impossible. I the saw the other pictures of the second plane. I couldn't beleive it. I RANG MY MOTHER UP AND SHE WAS WATCHING IT LIVE ON TV. Telling me that two other planes where missing. Then she told me about the building crashing down. It was just like a never ending nightmare evry 30 minutes another horrible thing happened. The only thing that I can remember is that I just felt is wasn't really happeneing. It was just too much in a few hours. Then when I saw the pictures on tv at night I was horrified and I felt so sorry for the people on the plane, es^pecially when, I saw the list of the passengers, there was a 4 year old child. My son is 4, and I can only imagine the horror that he must have lived, seeing the stewardess been killed and the panic aboard. I am totally devasted, and there isn't one night where I go to bed and that I don't have those terrrible pictures in my head. Every night I think of those poor innocent people and I wonder why I have brought my boys into such horrific life!!
mele | 27 | France

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