#2188 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I am a high school senoir in Liberty, IL. On Sept. 11, 2001, my whole life was changed. First fear hit me, even though I live so far away from the main tragedy. But our school came together and renewed the patriotism the lay within us. We have been brought together. We remember all the lives lost and celebrated the patriotism found today, 9-11-02.

Janelle | 17 | Illinois

#2150 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was at work last year when the planes crashed into the WTC. Someone called a coworker and told her about the first tower. We were all pretty much in shock, and all I could think was "What a terrible accident." We turned on the radio and heard about the second tower, and then it finally hit me. My country was under attack. It is so hard to comprehend, when I've lived my whole life here and never felt any of the dangers and insecurities that those in other countries feel. I always thought our country was too powerful to be attacked.

I didn't see the actual coverage until I went home, and that's when things really sunk in. All these people have lost their lives over senseless hatred. I just began to cry. My son, who was 5 years old at the time was asking me over and over about what had happened and all I could tell him was some bad people did something that hurt many innocent people. I could not tell him about the vast number of lives that were taken. It was incomprehendable, even to me.

On this one year anniversary of that terrible tragedy, I will pray for all those who had lost their lives, and for their friends and loved ones who miss them dearly.

Tara | 24 | Illinois

#2081 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I think anybody who loves their country had the greatest feeling of sorrow, anger and hope. Most of us were not there but we still feel the great pain that will forever hang over September 11th.
Nick | 16 | Illinois

#2021 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
My husband and I were both on vacation. We had slept in and Jim was fixing pancakes for breakfast. I turned on the TV so we could watch "The Price is Right" and there was the World Trade Center in flames. At first I didn't realize where it was and then I thought it was just on fire. I can't even describe how I felt when I realized it was a terrorist attack. Sick, scared, I don't have the words. Later that day cars started to line up in the street in front of our house. They were waiting to get gas. I turned the scanner on and found out that it was that way all over town. The police had to come out and direct traffic. We went to visit my mother-in-law in the nursing home where she was recuperating from knee surgery and as we sat in the garden and looked at the clear blue sky with not a jet trail in sight that is when I made up my mind not to be scared. If we change the way we live if we allow them to frighten us into not living a normal life then they have won. My heart goes out to all those who lost their lives and all those who lost loved ones in these horrendous attacks. I will always remember but I will not be afraid.
Loretta | 42 | Illinois

#2011 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was at home in Metropolis, IL in bed sleeping and then at about 11:00 am i got up to get ready to go to work at a nursing home that i still currently work at. I didn't know anything about the WTC yet. That is until i got to work and heard it on the radios and televisions in our break room and the residents rooms. Everyone at work was talking about it. At first it didn't hit me how bad it really was. When i learned that terrorists had flew planes into the towers, it really scared me and i couldn't believe what i was hearing. Then later that evening I came home from work and my husband and I talked about it and watched it on television. All we could do was shake our heads in disbelief and shock at what we saw on tv. We give our deepest sympathies to the victims families and the survivors of 9/11. May God comfort and guide you through your grief.We are proud of and thank all the heroes that were there that day. God Bless America!
Kristina | 31 | Illinois

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