#544 | Thursday, December 20th 2001
September 11 really changed the world man .

I have to comment only this much..

Samhan | 11 | India

#537 | Wednesday, December 19th 2001
i was in my office and the time is 7 pm

we got the immediate news from reuters

since we do online trading in

commodities.it is a disaster.

Rajesh | 23 | India

#402 | Sunday, December 9th 2001
I recognise that this site is meant for Americans, but since the incident is something that has changed the world in so many ways, I feel my thoughts here would not be out of place.

A journalist at the time of writing, I work as a sub-editor with a national Indian financial daily. I was at work on that day, and when it happened, it was around 7.30-45 in the evening when we heard the news.

All of us were crowded into our Deputy Editor's cabin watching CNN. The initial reaction was disbelief and shock, naturally. But then, as the enormity of the event sunk in, people started commenting on it.

Some commended the masterminds behind the attack for their guts, one guy even said this was how one took on a bully, some even cracked jokes, but every single person was devastated at the destruction of, not just property or human life, but of...how do I explain it, the idea of Big. Big USA, Big City New York, big business, big-time money, bigwigs controlling the world's financial movements...everything about America that symbolises Big to me and people in my country. All that had crumbled before our eyes.

America suddenly seemed so vulnerable on home territory, which has never been the case, not the invincible power we always thought it was.

Here were a bunch of terrorists who had succeeded in stopping the mightiest nation in the world in its tracks, without any hi-tech weapons. That's how we all saw it.

Ironically, just a few hours before, I was chatting with a reporter colleague whose wife had returned from a New York trip the week before. He has been to New York and was talking about what a great city it was. This is what he said, or words to the effect: "I was really surprised when my wife said she didn't find New York all that impressive. Man, I was damn impressed when I first visited it. It's a terrific city. You can't be unimpressed by it."

What a pity the idea of New York and Big is rubble today.

C | 27 | India

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