#614 | Sunday, January 6th 2002
I was at home, and dad called me down stairs and have a look at the tv. When I saw what was happening i went back up sairs to wake mum. By this time it was 2am (New Zealand time) on September 12th 2001. As I write this I am thinking about the people who lost their lives and / or loved ones. May God be with them.
Natasha | 20 | New Zealand

#321 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
at the time in question , i was busy working on our local golf course, in cheviot, nz. when i came home for lunch, my wife asked me "had i heard the news?". as i am interested in et's, and noticing the concern on her face, i asked "have they captured a ufo?". then i looked at the tv and saw what raised her concern. i immediately thought of the book by neville shute "on the beach" and thought this is the beginning of the end.
bill | 57 | New Zealand

#317 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I woke late morning and got prepared for my class. I don't usually check my email before going out and I was just checking a mail from a US joke list I had been joined to for a while.
The list contains various stuff, and sometimes jokes in the form of a story.

That morning, I was reading about a guy who had gone into work and heard some terrible news, so him and his co-workers surrounded the tv.
I laughed when he said that he was still getting McDonalds though on the way home. (Good 'ol Ernie).

By the time I had finished reading I had to hurry to get to my course.
I always grab a coke before my course and walked past a news headline saying something about attacks on the US.

It's all pretty blurry now.

I had read the email while still waking, and now I was seeing something that was connected to a 'joke mailing list'?

The first thought at all this was.. "what the f**k?".
This had to be some weird coincidence.
And now I had to pinch myself to check if I was actually awake. I've never had to pinch myself before. Maybe I had drove into town still asleep. Maybe I *was* still asleep.

It wasn't until I entered the course's building and spoke to someone I knew, asking if it was real, that I started to tie together what was happening.

I got shown a newspaper. -This was several hours after it had actually happened, so there were already tonnes of pictures with the articles.-

Utter shock, disbelief and emptiness ran through me.
"What the hell is going on here?!" and "Great, here comes WW III".

All I knew at that moment was that I had a huge desire to be at home.

It was one of the most horrible days I have ever known and that this generation has ever seen. It may be compared to Pearl Harbour, but there wasn't any way that I could comprehend any real feeling and understanding with just seeing old history books and tv.

WW One may have been called 'the great war', but now I believe it never ended.
It's all about power and religion.
And it sucks!

InDeSkyz | 21 | New Zealand

#277 | Friday, November 23rd 2001
I work in a webdesign company.
It's good, I like it. One of my workmates is an... attempted practical joker? Strange sense of humour anyway. He's cool though.
I'll call him Alan, for reasons of privacy.

I walk in the door of our office, Alan looks up and says something about terrorists and 3 planes going into the Pentagon, and World Trade Center in New York...

'Riiiight...' I'm thinking. Only Alan could come up with a joke as weird as that...
I walk on over to my seat, while he continues to insist it's true - but so far, that's pretty much inline with what he does when it *is* a joke.

At this point, I'm still thinking about the Pentagon, not the Trade Centers...
In my head, the Pentagon is this weird American Military 'thing', which is referenced on so many weird shows and conspiracy theories it doesn't seem like a real place. It's "The place from the X-Files where they took Mulder's Evidence..."

The World Trade Centers have fallen down he insists. I can't remember what they look like, but I'm thinking... Skyscrapers. Way bigger than a little plane. How could a plane make a building fall over?

But other from work are concurring... huh?
I go online, if I trust anything, it's the net.

It's true.

I couldn't grasp it.
I burst out laughing.

That Alan was telling the *Truth*?

That the Truth was something weirder than *Alan* could make up??

That Little Planes *did* make a building fall down???

That the Pentagon *isn't* just a place off the X-Files????

My shock (I think that's what it was)had worn off, but the surreality was just kicking in.
I went into CNN.com (I think...)
There was a poll, 'Should we go to War?'
Most of the respondants had said yes.
I couldn't understand (I still don't)How could you go to War when you didn't know who had done it?!?

How many people had been hurt? Had died?
I started to *feel* the impact of that many lives lost... and I felt lost.
Where ever I turned on the internet, there was sadness, but more than that - Anger. Hate.

It seemed to be everywhere I turned. The people posting seemed to be the ones who hated. Who wanted the country from wherever the hijackers had come from, nuclear bombed til there wasn't even rubble.
There were postings and accounts from people who were in New York, at the Trade Center even. Real people. It was Really happening.

Even so, I couldn't take it. I couldn't take the net...
It was connecting me alright, I was getting a direct line to the hate of my fellow man.

For the first time I realised why people say 'ignorance is bliss'.
For the first time, I wanted to be ignorant.
And I really wanted the virtual world not to be so real...

Pearl | 19 | New Zealand

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