#1010 | Thursday, March 14th 2002
I was sleeping and the phone rang, It was my mother-in-law and she said turn on the TV now!, I kept asking why? and she said just do it. I turned on the tv and saw the unthinkable with my eyes the planes hitting the World Trade center and the Pentagon. The news anchor said the White house was being evacuated, I was immediately filled with fear and horror, I woke up everyone in the house yelling WE ARE BEING ATTACKED AND THE WHITE HOUSE IS BEING EVACUATED. Everyone in the house immediately woke and we all were in a state of shock and disbelief. All Day long we could not tear our eyes away from the events unfolding in front of us. We were glued to our tv's for days and allot of tears were shed and now 6 months later I do not think we are the same, I wonder is it going to happen again and Where?, I remember not too long after that I heard a plane fly too low and I immediately ducked and hit the floor, I feel so sorry for the victims and their families I wish I could bring their loved ones back. I wish we could erase their pain. I don't think America will ever be the same again. I know I will never be the same
Grace | 43 | Oregon

#931 | Monday, March 11th 2002
On Tuesday September 11th, I got up at 5:15 PT for a run. My wife had spent the previous night in Portland in order to be at the Portland Airport for a 6 AM flight to Oklahoma to visit her mom. I usually listen to a tape on my Walkman, but for some reason turned on my radio and was listening to National Public Radio. About 15 minutes into the run the radio announcer said that a "small plane" had struck one of the Towers of the World Trade Center. Growing up a New Yorker my first thought was to picture the Towers dominating the skyline of Lower Manhattan and thinking that was very strange. I tried to picture which Tower it might be and I wondered if perhaps something had happened to the pilot of what I assumed was a small engine, perhaps private plane. The radio broadcast cut away to another story and I coninued my run, saying a small prayer for the people affected by the crash.
As I approached my house I heard the word that a second plane had hit the other Tower. I immediately felt a chill and thought that this was no coincidence. I rushed into the house and turned on the TV in time to see a video of the second plane hitting the South Tower. I tried reaching my sister at her office in Midtown, but all the lines were dead. I worried about my wife Barb who at that moment was in the air with no way of knowing what had happened. I called Barb's mom but she hadn't heard anything about the attacks. We promised we'd keep each other informed. I sat mesmerized for a bit then, with the TV on in the bedroom I turned the radio back on in the bathroom as I started the shower. At that moment, I heard a reporter talking live from the Pentagon who was waiting for an official statement. In an instant the correspondent interrupted himself to say that there had been an explosion at the other side of the building. After some confusion he gathered himself enough to say that the Pentagon had been hit. It was clear now that we were under attack. I called into the elementary school where I work as a counselor and told the secretary that I would probbably not be in until much later, after I had word about my wife and family. Then I sat and waited.
I eventually heard from my sister who was evacuated from her building because of its proximity to Rockefeller Center and the fear that another attack might target the City's communications center. She was meeting up with her son who works in a nearby office and they eventually walked home to Brooklyn. My wife called a couple of hours later to explain that her flight was grounded in Salt Lake and the airport closed. Passengers where advised to make arrangements for staying in Salt Lake until the airport reopened, presumably the next day. She eventually decided to rent a car and drive back to Oregon a few days later.
For days afterward I was in a fog, feeling helpless that I couldn't be there, knowing that there were personal friends who worked in One World Financial Center, as well as schoolmates and close friends of other family members who were lost in the devastation.

Dominic | 52 | Oregon

#452 | Monday, December 10th 2001
I was listening to a Christian radio station while working when they had a news break. They said that a jet plane had crashed into the World Trade center. I ran to the break room to see it on CNN.
I was watching when the second plane rammed the other tower. I was shocked and horrified. It was shocking enough when I thought it was an accident. It choked me up when I watched it unfold. I was praying to God with tears in my eyes. I called and woke up my wife so she could pray too. I do not cry easily but the thought of the thousands of people and what they were going through would cause any non-evil person to cry.

Tim | 38 | Oregon

#333 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
That was the day I got out of the Army! I was at home in bed, finishing up my terminal leave.
Chad | 24 | Oregon

#301 | Wednesday, November 28th 2001
it's been strange to watch this major page in the history of earth unfold.. i feel so sad for the families who lost those they love.. it seems that at least here in the US we want to act on this event...as if action will change things..isn't the same as a gang fight?
the way it has escalated over the years.
we invited this act...now we do again what brought this to us...i am not
saying that the people that died were the ones that deserved it...but the government of our great nation have done the very same thing to countless other cultures...why do we think that we can wipe out terrorism?...we would have to get rid of our own government...
would anyone really be willing to do that?is anyone even willing to face tthat fact?...

kris | 31 | Oregon

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