#594 | Monday, December 31st 2001
All my thoughts, all my feelings..And the slow resolve~ "This is Real"

A tribute to all those that were there, that have lost, how "small" our lives are.. And blessing, love and prayers for the Hero's,, the angels.. those that have lost,, and to the families and friends.

So Far..Far Away...

Beautiful Tuesday, The sun shining bright,
Soft shades of blue, filling the sky.
Soft gentle breeze, so float the clouds
The rustle of leaves, in the trees up above.

So Far ... So far away is my mind.

Screams, so shrill they fill the air
along with the black where the blue had once been
the crashes, the screaming, the fire & blood,
a city in shock,.oh beautiful mourn.

So Far... far away

Green grasses dancing, the horses they graze.
The cattle look like statues across the way.
So peaceful, so quiet..the temperature just right.
A drive to town, then to school, the day just starts.

so far... so far away, the rest of the world;.

A scared child wails, frantic mothers cry
A noble fire fighter tries to save lives.
The sky comes down, thunderous heaps
Blackened the sky, the world ,,under siege..

So far,, far away

The voice on the radio..
This is the news?..Another attack
Those countries at war, seems for so long
The innocent lives, living with war in everyday life..

So far.. So far away...

I stare at the box, thats producing the sound,
the voice, says " New York",
not foreign land
in disbelief, I stand and I stare,
hot tears sting my eyes, as they roll down my face,
I am feeling,, before my mind catches up
This can't be real, what that voice had just said,

So far... So far away.... So Touched my Heart

So far... So far away..Now it seems real.
The Terror, the pain, the anguish they feel..
So Far.. far awary, To far to be of much help,
I send my love, and I send too my prayers
I send my blood... I shed my tears..

So Far... So Far away...

The facades of what worries from everyday life
The simple of blue skies or clouds floating by
The children that play on a swing in the park
The freedom we have, the sun or the stars
The little things so precious,, within our reach,
we can let get to far, to far from our hearts.

So Far... So far away ... our hearts
D.Enise copyright 2001

Reach out ..to someone & give from your heart
Smile at a stranger,
Laugh with a friend.
Hug your own child..
what ever the time,
To the man you call husband,
The woman you call wife..

Look to your worker, or
look to your boss..
appreciate the flower, just outside of the door.
They are not far.. not out of our reach,,
they are, in front of our eyes,
Not to far to touch
for you to reach out,
give them the love ,
thats inside of your heart..
before they are..

To far... To Far Away

To All that were there, or all that still are..To all the families and freinds of those that are lost, who's lives are forever changed.. and to the Hero's. of today, our Military and their families..
My heart and prayers are with you all.
God Bless America.. and let her be safe, and bring her healing..

May angels wrap their wings around you, and help you to heal.
May you find some comfort
in the love were all sending your way
from all the hearts across all the lands.
And may some peace come to you from Heaven Above.

To all of the Hero's.
The Brave unselfish souls
Giving their efforts, without thoughts
for themselves.

You are all bright stars
You shine through the night
Guardian Angels
Battling this fight
Though we can not be there
In our physical forms
Our hearts are with you
our prayers will go on

Jen | 44 | South Dakota

#259 | Sunday, November 18th 2001
i dont know why i am writing this probably to get some of my feelings out. because i thinik that it is easyer to write about these kinds of things than talk about them out loud. i think that this is a really horrible tragedy that happened i was in school when it happened i am in eighth grade and it just came to me as a shock. i couldnt believe it i was like no way that couldnt have happened. but then i watched the news and everything and then it just donned on me. everyone around me (especially the boys in my grade) were acting all matcho about it all and saying a whole bunch of stuff but i just truley wanted to break down and cry i was so scared. even though i dont live in new york or pensylvania or in maryland i was still scared because who knows what could of happened who knows what can still happen. i am still very scared about the whole thing. sometimes i just want to break down and cry. but then i think that you have to be strong in this type of thing you have to be there for other people who need you. dont get me wrong i cryed my eyes out me and my friends would get together and talk about it and have our little crying sessions and everything and it kind of helped. but in this time all everyone needs to do is be strong and keep there heads up. i know it is easyer to say than do and you are probably thinking oh what does she know shes just an eight grader. but please just try. thank you for listening. i feel a little better getting my feelings out like this.
tina | 13 | South Dakota

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