#976 | Tuesday, March 12th 2002
I thought it was a joke at first. Watching the second tower crash I thought- wow, what a horrific joke, what great effects. It wasn't though, and soon I heard about the Pentagon. That hit me. My dad would have been there if we hadn't moved 1 month earlier. All my friends parents worked in the Pentagon. I walked around all day like a zombie. I cried a lot, and even today I cry when I hear the national anthem. I'm so proud to live in this country where we have so much freedom, and I'm always in awe when the anthem is played and even a group of 4 thousand can be so silent. I want to thank everyone fighting for our freedom, and I want to let all the heroes out there know that they are the reason our contry has moved on. God Bless America, from sea to shining sea.
Erin | 16 | Utah

#962 | Monday, March 11th 2002
I was in a hotel in Billings Montana, sleeping when I received a telephone call from my mother to turn on the T.V.
I turned on the T.V. and watched in horror the events that were unfolding that day. I could not believe what I was seeing. I was awe struck. My heart was very heavy and thought "who could have done this". I was deeply sadden to see the twin towers on fire and then eventually crumble. I felt as though the US was under attack and I needed to get home in Utah to be with my family. I felt a sense of urgency to call my wife and tell her that I loved her and I hope she was ok as well as my family. I was up in Montana for a funeral of my grandfather who had pasted away two days earlier. I also what he would have thought about this whole ordeal. I am not sure what he would have thought but I know he would not have imagined this was happening on our soil. As the events unfolded, I felt scared, uncertain and above all, I thought the world would be in WW III. Some other thoughts that ran threw my head were thoughts of my newly born son that was only 6 months old. I hope he will never have to see war in his lifetime. I also felt the saddening of the people in the towers. Then we heard there were firefighters, policeman and others in the towers it just made me sick to know that were in there and might not come out alive. If I remember correctly, I beleive I said a prayer for my family and those in the towers. May God bless those who have given their lives in the line of duty as well as each and every one of those victims in the towers and planes.

Lance | 31 | Utah

#681 | Sunday, January 27th 2002
I was in my 1st hour (ORACLE) and some people was like, "A plane crashed into the WTC!" but nobody really paid attention to them because they talk alot and stuff. Then 2nd hour they were talking about it again so I was like whoa... and we turned on a radio and started listening about it. Then in 3rd hr. my world history class we went into the auditorium and was watching the news on a big movie-like screen and I watched the 2nd plane crash in replays. But alot of people in the auditorium was talking alot and wasn't watching it which was making me mad, because tons of people died. Then alot of people went home, and some just stayed at school. From that day on I live my life to the fullest 1 day at a time (you never know when you might choke on a pretzel...lol), no time to argue or fight, just to live in peace and be friendly to everybody.
coty | 15 | Utah

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