#758 | Wednesday, February 13th 2002
um... ya i was at school, and i came out of the computer lab, and everyone was gathered around th TV thats in the hallway by the lobby, and all i could think of was "kkttsshhcchh Terrorists win" i was so wrong. we went out and kicked the asses of those sons a bitches
Bazz | 15 | Vermont

#145 | Sunday, September 23rd 2001
Another note from Jesse . . .

Some things are hard to take. Mainly because they have been hidden away. The feeling of real is one of those things. For the people in the event, these past few days have been very real. Cut the bullshit and drop the sympathy act. You don't even know how to relate. Like little shaken up children, struggling to figure out whats happend and what will happen. How about this, a little idea I conjured up out of frootloop paste and motor oil...

Be in the now, there is nothing else but this moment.

Jesse | 18 | Vermont

#144 | Sunday, September 23rd 2001
As american pride comes flooding out of every ignorant piece of shit T.V. builds the hate. And you trust it. You let it guide your thought and reasoning. Yeah get them back, so they can get you back, and then you can get them back again, so they can get you back, and on and on. Like little house flies hitting the window over and over and over. Everywhere I look people are attacking other people. Claiming that they must protect their way of life and their freedoms. Freedoms like the freedom of speach for example. But at the very same time they turn there backs to that thought and censor anyone with an actual opinion about this. If it's not chalked full of american ego then it's just not right. Or so goes the attitude.

Everywhere racism is taking place on a massive scale. If you even look like your from the middle east your in for some american "justice". As you come together to push and worsen the bullshit that you say your so opposed to. So quick to point the finger and blame the other. As the time passes i'm becoming more disgusted by the way we (americans) have reacted then by the very event it's self.

What should have opened so many eyes has only been polluted by more propaganda.

Jesse | 18 | Vermont

#91 | Wednesday, September 19th 2001
I woke up around 11:00 and heard something on the phone mail system at school (Champlain College). Aaron said something about Tvs being put all over campus, becuase of such a severe incident. I said out loud to my roommate "What incident". "The World Trade Center just got hit by a couple of planes" he says. I wanted to scream, but felt no feeling for anybody in the terriorts attack. Even now, it just does not seem real ):
Michael | 20 | Vermont

#39 | Sunday, September 16th 2001
i woke up characteristically late (around 12:00), went downstairs, still yawning and sporting my p.j.s to find the t.v. blaring and my eldest brother flint sitting on the couch staring in disbelief at the images flashing across the screen. "can you believe this", he says. i say (grogilly), "believe what?". he says "you haven't heard?". as soon as he told me what happened i started crying. i didn't think of the buildings, i didn't think of our country being attacked, i thought of all of the scared and hurt people. i thought of those who saw the plane coming towards them, and how in that moment before they died they probably wished they could see their families and friends one last time, if only to tell them that they are loved. my soon to be stepfather was staying in the hotel that formerly stood between the two world trade center buildings. for a short while we didn't know where he was. he called after the first plane hit, but there was no word from him after the second. he told us later that night that he walked from manhattan to queens with droves of other people. he said it was just this mass exodus from manhattan, and that they all walked, shocked and horrified, away from the ruins. later that day i talked to a friend of mine who said he was washing dishes in front of his kitchen window when it happened. he used to have a great view of the skyline. now he can't look through that window without remembering what used to stand there.

all of my friends and family are okay, but it doesn't soften the blow of what happened. i will never understand why people intentionally hurt and kill one another.

Meg | 20 | Vermont

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