#588 | Sunday, December 30th 2001
At the time of the terrorist attacks I was at school. The teacher's knew about what happened as soon as it hit the news. They didn't tell us though. As soon as I got home and my mom told me what happened I felt really bad. But now when I really think about, it makes me feel different. All the lives that were lost, all the innocent people, all the families that will never see their loved ones again. My school and my soccer team are doing many money raising activities such as bake sales. That is how i feel about semptember 11th and I wish good luck to all our soldiers fighting in Afganastan.:-)
The events of 9-11-01 efected everyone in the U.S in some way. But we can't let that stop us. The U.S still stands strong and were gonna teach Bin Laden and his crew a lesson they'll never forget.

Deebs | 12 | New Hampshire

#547 | Thursday, December 20th 2001
I have one thing to say wow That day I couldnt believe that actually happend I was like omg I cant believe it
Sarah | 12 | Georgia

#241 | Wednesday, November 7th 2001
ok i'm the youngest person here writing something but that's ok. I didn't find out about theese terrosrists until LAST period in school. I had had 2 go get a worksheet for social studies & i missed what my teacher said but when i came back she told me personally. She didn't tell me much but tears came 2 my eyes. I'm glad my teachers didn't tell us because we would all be scared 2 death! I remember in math (2nd period) a school secratary came in and asked 2 talk 2 her in the hall. Like most kids the whole class started 2 talk when our math teacher came in we all shushed up. She just continued on w/ math.
I remember when i got home my mom told me that my aunt wuz on a plane but it wasn't a targeted 1. When we got inside our house my sister wuz there & so wuz my dad. MY sister home???? She's in high school & plays soccer so it wuz REALLY rare 2 c her home before me. The TV wuz off and my sister asked me dad if she could turn it back on. My dad didn't say anything. I told them that i already knew & they turned it back on. The pictures were sad. My sister started 2 cry when she saw the people jumping out of the buildings.
my b-day wuz on Oct.24th. What did i want most of all? For terrorism & Bin laden 2 go away!
Right now, my sister & mom r downstairs and it feels good 2 hear their voices! YIKES! i think i made this a little 2 long! SORRY!

Alexandra | 12 | New Jersey

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