#6 | Saturday, September 15th 2001
I was sitting online, in pyjamas, which is most unusual for me, but nevertheless, that's what I was doing. At about 10:30pm, someone online said "Oh hey, a plane crashed into the World Trade Center". I didn't think much of it at that point - planes go bad. Then the same person said "Um, another one has crashed into the other tower." and then "OMG, the Pentagon is on FIRE!" Because I'm a wimp, I started to freak out. Shortly after 11, every free-to-air channel began streaming CNN live. I called everyone I knew, screamed, called my Dad, called everyone I knew (again), and watched the coverage till 4:30am. heh, then I got up at 6:30 and watched it again. I didn't sleep; Australia was in just as much shock as the rest of the world. The morning of the 12th (AEST), people spoke of nothing else. It was surreal. For the first time in many, many years, the local paper published 3 editions in one day. We planned whose cellar we would borrow in the case of an air strike (Richard's, because it's full of beer), and what we'd say to our brothers when they went to fight. And that's all, really.
Anna | 18 | Australia

#5 | Saturday, September 15th 2001
I remember looking at the clock on my computer and seeing 11:59pm. The phone rang, and mum and I both said at the same time that it had to be my sister, she's the only one with the guts to call so late. Then my mum picked up the phone, said hi etc. and then she swore and ran into the loungeroom and I was just thinking, "oh shit what's happened?" she told dad to switch to channel 7 and the first image I saw was of the two towers standing, and the first one with smoke absolutely pouring out of it. Then my mum repeated off the phone, "America's been attacked by terrorists!" It was crazy. The nervous voices of the reporters and the shaky camera shots of the disaster in manhattan just emphasised to me how something like this happening was so, so wrong and out of place. All I could do was watch as the events unfolded on my tv for hours and hours to come.
nikole | 16 | Australia

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